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Review: Sexual Misconduct @bethanybazile

TITLE:Sexual Misconduct
SERIES: The Complete Series
AUTHOR: Bethany Bazile
RELEASE DATE: August 5th 2014
PUBLISHER: Bethany Bazile
FORMAT: Paperback & ebook


Volume I: Insomnia
I was arrogant, pushy, controlling, and I was fine with that. What I couldn't control were my dreams. Memories haunted me there.
Even after over a decade, I found I couldn't outrun them. Returning to the place they lived only seemed to trigger a landslide. I couldn't focus, couldn't sleep. Some people drank a warm cup of milk, cuddled up with a book, or threw back a couple shots.
I fucked my way to sleep.
Every single night, I lost myself in pussy. For a long time, it was the only way I knew to get to sleep. But it was getting less and less effective. I slept shorter periods of time before the dreams started.
There was only one hope for my insomnia, and she was sexy, intelligent, and unexpected. I wanted to exhaust myself in her sexy little body and let her soothe me to sleep.
The only problem... she was my therapist, and I'd have to break her code of conduct and totally corrupt her before I made her mine.

Volume II: Underneath It All
Avery was unexpected but exactly what I needed. She gave me hope again, made me feel things I thought died over a decade ago.
I was reverting back to the man I used to be. The man who destroyed lives to keep the one person who meant everything to him.
My secrets were piling up. I didn't know how long I'd be able to maintain it all.
But I knew I'd do anything to keep her.
There was only one way to hold on to her. I had to let her see who I was underneath it all.

Volume III: Lie To Me
It was all too much. There was no way I could keep piling up these lies without it all tumbling down.
I was desperate to keep her, even if it meant I had to lie to her. But when everything unravels, the only thing that can save us is the truth in our love.

Bethany Bazile reads, writes, and lives in the Northeast with her husband and two amazing kids. Her passion for writing was born from a love affair between books and music. She loves books that draw her in and won’t release her until she’s inhaled every word, panting with excitement. Then she realizes the sun came up, but the loss of sleep was so worth it. When she isn't reading, she’s conjuring up steamy love scenes and hot romance stories to share with fellow romance lovers. She can’t function without her cup of coffee and operates on a vampire-like time-frame.

Xander has been having problems to sleep for years and his remedy is sex, but it only works for a while, nightmares still hunt him and it taking its toll on him. When some woman advised him to visit a therapist he seems reluctant at first but ends up going and give it a try. Of course that when he sees the sexy woman behind the desk all of his control goes out of the window. Avery is a professional who never had problems doing her work but Xander pushes all of her buttons.

Avery and Xander will start a crazy relationship full of passion, heat, secrets, and so many sex scenes that my reader almost burnt out. I really enjoyed the sex element of this story. If you have a fragile heart, be careful!!! It's amazing how much passion the writer can transmit with her words. Their interaction is HOT and so sexy, I was so dragged by it that hours flew by.

The plot is good, a bit predictable for me, but solid and complete nevertheless. The author reveals the secrets at the right moments to create suspense and bring tension to the story. I really liked that the three volumes were together in just one book because I couldn't stop reading and would have hated waiting for the next book.

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  1. Glad the series was good. Was there a reason it was only 3.5 stars for you?

    Sharrice @Reese's Reviews


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