Friday, August 10, 2018

Review: The Unstoppables: Food Police

TITLE: The Unstoppables: Food Police
AUTHOR: Demetrius Sherman
RELEASE DATE: August 11, 2018
SOURCE: complimentary copy

When the government bans foods people crave, it creates a world wilder than ever. A gangster producing decadent grub rules Chicago. And a special force of young men assemble to battle the mobster : The Unstoppables.

Growing up, Demetrius Sherman read Hammett, Chandler, Conan Doyle and other masters of hard-boiled detectives. These works were excellent seeds in the creation of the fast-paced Sheridan Hope Thrillers and the vampire thriller Dark Hunger. 
His latest work is a suspenseful horror tale titled The Hunters.

Imagine a world where fast and fatty food is banned... can you??? I think it would be crazyyyy. And I think Demetrius Sherman does a good job creating a funny and believable world where this sounds real.

Of course that when you banned something there will be people trying to take advantage of the situation and all kind of crazy events will take place. Here we have gangsters, the police trying to catch them, regular people who crave fatty food and all kinds of wackos.

The chapters are super short so it's easy to read and Demetrius has a writing style that catches you and never feels too hard to follow. If you are looking for a book with an interesting and original topic this one is a good choice.

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