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Review: A Precarious Beginning

TITLE: A Precarious Beginning
SERIES: Chronicles of Castlemount Book 1
AUTHOR: Siena Rollins & Fritz Rollins
RELEASE DATE: April 15th 2017 
PUBLISHER: Harpalin Press
FORMAT: paperback & ebook
SOURCE: complimentary copy


“There are only two powers in the universe that determine what a person will become in life — luck and willpower.”
Orphaned at a young age and forced to become a pickpocket to survive, a chance meeting with the King’s Assassin is the lucky break Hyla needs. At the massive fortress city of Castlemount, Hyla discovers she is destined to become a Dragonrider! Training every day to understand her new role and the magical dragon bond, Hyla learns that mingling with the rich and powerful has its own dangers. Will her street smarts keep her alive? Join Hyla in the precarious beginning to her incredible adventure!

“A Precarious Beginning” is a classic tale of insurmountable odds, high adventure, and the power of friendship. It is sure to captivate readers of all ages.

Siena Rollins
Siena Rollins 

Hi everyone! My name is Siena, and I’m going to tell you a little bit about myself. First of all, I’m a very active person. I love to do ballet, martial arts, and horseback riding. All those activities require a lot of energy, so I also love to eat! Some of my favorite foods are sushi, ice cream, and ribs. Although I’m now a published author, I would like to someday be a professional ballerina.

Fritz RollinsFritz Rollins

As a fan of science fiction and fantasy stories my whole life, I never planned to write a book. But, when my daughter Siena was born, I found myself making up fantastic tales to keep her entertained. When she told me she wanted to write a book based on one of the stories, what was an over indulgent father supposed to do? So, here I am, an unexpected author. My stories are family friendly. They are designed to be read by both kids and adults, or even better, by parents reading to their children. Don't be fooled, though. These stories are complex, with lots of twists and turns! Adults will be enthralled, and children will be enchanted.


Hyla is an orphan little girl who has been surviving in the streets until one day her path crosses with her savior. She is taken to Castlemount and her life changes forever. Suddenly she is training to be a dragon rider and has not one but two beautiful and lovely baby dragons.

The story moves fast into her new world and how she deals with all of it. Being from a poor background she has to learn how to behave in this new place and tries to hide where she comes from. With dreams and flashes, we learn a bit more about her past. 

Hyla is a really sweet character, given her rough upbringing she doesn't trust in people but deep down she wants to be accepted and belong to somewhere.

This one has all the fantasy elements needed for a great story: knights, dragons, fights, people plotting behind others' backs and more. I really loved the dragons!!! the descriptions were AMAZING. We have some good chapters at the end, full of the tension and fights needed to close up a great fantasy book.

My only minor issue was that I forgot that she is supposed to be a kid, Hyla sounded like a teenager and not a six-seven year old. It's nothing so bad but I just mention it so you know.

And of course, I have to mention that I think it's amazing that the authors are father and daughter, imagine creating something so beautiful and magical with the people you love. You can feel the passion they share for fantasy worlds and telling stories.

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