Monday, October 16, 2017

Review: PaperlessPost @paperlesspost

Hello everyone.... today I bring a different kind of review. A few weeks ago I was contacted by Anagram Interactive with an offer to try Paperless Post. After visiting the site a few times and checking all the different type of offers they have I came out with this review.
I will tell you a bit more about the site but I can tell you from now that you have to visit it. 

Paperless Post is this amazing page where you can design and create beautiful invitations, cards, and more. In our times where everyone carries a smartphone and/or a computer, it's easier to send a digital message when we want to invite someone to a party or congratulate them in their special days. But Paperless Post;offers you the chance to do this but creating a more personal, colorful and creative card that you can send via email or sometimes you can get it printed.

The page has cards for all occasions. Imagine a special date and Paperless Post has a card for you.
Really, imagine a date and you get a card. I was amazed by the variety of holidays and special events that you can find.


I have to talk about this... That's right the site even has a space for DESIGNER COLLECTIONS... Here you will find designs created by people like OSCAR DE LA RENTA, VERA WANG and so much more.

SO how does it works?
Well, first things first go to the page and register. You get some free coins when you do that and you can start to visit the site.  Now, you are wondering what coins are???
Well, to start customizing a card you need coins and then more if you want to personalize things like background, envelope and more you need coins. But don't worry it's not expensive at all. For example, you get 20 coins for  $6.00 and you can create a card for only 2 coins.
Trust me is worth your money.

After you are done you write all the people you want to send the card: you add their names and emails and that's it just hit SEND.

NOW, pay attention one feature I find really outstanding is that the site offers the possibility of getting a reply from your recipients. Whether is a confirmation of attendance to a party or a message giving thanks. 


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