Friday, June 30, 2017

Review: He Knew a Firefly

TITLE:  He Knew a Firefly
AUTHOR: Smita Bhattacharya
RELEASE DATE: October 15th, 2015
FORMAT: Paperback & ebook
SOURCE: complimentary copy


Six-year-old Akshara watches her mother die. At thirteen, she watches her best friend die. She’s heartbroken, but their deaths don’t surprise her. She has a secret ─ she can glimpse into the future of those she loves. For her it’s not a blessing, but a curse; every life she touches is thrown into turmoil, friends abandon her, and she is overwhelmed by more guilt than she can bear. Then, one day, she sees her own unhappy fate. 
Does Akshara bring upon her loved ones the misfortunes they blame her for? Will Akshara be able to save herself after she has lost everyone she loved? Or will she lose her sanity like her mother did? 
A gripping, evocative, and sometimes surreal page-turner, He Knew a Firefly follows Akshara as she tries to light the dark, unknown pathways for her loved ones, before being ultimately consumed by the flames herself.

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A nerd, feminist and lover of all things quirky, Smita is an award winning short story writer based out of Mumbai. Potent coffee and a good book makes her day. Planning for that one big, decadent trip to a new country, makes her year. She considers herself the sum total of all the places she has been to, like a Lego puzzle being set up, one journey at a time.

Smita cares deeply for women’s issues and her writing usually reflects strong, central female characters. She’s also a fan of page turning intrigue, a genre she calls emotional thrillers and her books reflect that obsession. She has one novella out in the reading world, another full length novel ready to launch and plenty more floating in the dark recesses where they came from.


This is one those books that you want them to be good but somehow it fails. ¨He Knew a Firefly¨ has an amazing blurb and a fantastic start. The first chapters grab you and fill you with expectations of a great story. However, somewhere along the lines, the book didn´t make it for me.

Akshara has this awful gift and it affects the whole story. I liked the idea but the different changes of POV and scenarios confused me a bit and sometimes they made me lose the atmosphere I was getting into.

Overall, I could finish the book because it got interesting for moments and the writing is good.

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