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Review: The Echoes of Love @fieldinghannah

TITLE: The Echoes of Love
AUTHOR: Hanna Fielding
RELEASE DATE: December 06th, 2013
PUBLISHER: London Wall Publishing
FORMAT: Paperback & Ebook
SOURCE: complimentary copy

Set against the breathtaking beauty of Italy, The Echoes of Love is a passionate, heart-breaking romance to ignite the senses and rekindle your belief in the power of love. Seduction, passion and secrets... Venetia Aston-Montagu has escaped to Venice to work in her godmother's architectural practice, putting a lost love behind her. For the past ten years she has built a fortress around her heart, only to find the walls tumbling down one night of the carnival when she is rescued from masked assailants by an enigmatic stranger, Paolo Barone. Drawn to the powerfully seductive Paolo, despite warnings of his Don Juan reputation and rumours that he keeps a mistress, Venetia can't help being caught up in the smouldering passion that ignites between them. When she finds herself assigned to a project at his magnificent home deep in the Tuscan countryside, Venetia not only faces a beautiful young rival but also a sinister count and dark forces in the shadows, determined to come between them. Can Venetia trust that love will triumph, even over her own demons? Or will Paolo's carefully guarded, devastating secret tear them apart forever?

Hannah Fielding is an incurable romantic. The seeds for her writing career were sown in early childhood, spent in Egypt, when she came to an agreement with her governess Zula: for each fairy story Zula told, Hannah would invent and relate one of her own. Years later – following a degree in French literature, several years of travelling in Europe, falling in love with an Englishman, the arrival of two beautiful children and a career in property development – Hannah decided after so many years of yearning to write that the time was now. Today, she lives the dream: writing full time at her homes in Kent, England, and the South of France, where she dreams up romances overlooking breath-taking views of the Mediterranean. 
Hannah is a multi-award-winning novelist, and to date she has published five novels: Burning Embers, ‘romance like Hollywood used to make’, set in Kenya; The Echoes of Love, ‘an epic love story that is beautifully told’ set in Italy; and the Andalusian Nights Trilogy – Indiscretion, Masquerade and Legacy – her fieriest novels yet, set in sunny, sultry Spain. 

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'The Echoes of Love' is another great story written by the amazing Hannah Fielding. This time we travel to Italy and in this beautiful scenario, we meet Venetia and Paolo. A woman escaping her past and a man with a tragic past. However, all signs say that Paolo is not the right man for her. However, there is something there and Paolo's persistence will get them together in a beautiful place. It's easy to fall in love with Italy, the author does an extraordinary work describing the landscapes.

The characters are well described, each one has a lovely personality and little by little we discover their stories. It's easy to see why Venetia has doubts about trying a relationship with Paolo, from what people say and what she imagines she creates an image of him that is not the real Paolo.

Now let's go to the romance.. oh! the romance, it's intense, intriguing and breathtaking. Venetia doesn't want to succumb to the charms of this handsome man but sometimes you cannot fight the inevitable. The passion is so amazing. I love the way Hannah always tells her stories and especially the romance part.

I have to say that I loved the outcome, I don't want to spoil anything but I have to say: WOW!, I wasn't expecting that at all. You really surprised me.

I keep loving the author and her writing style. I need a new book written by her ASAP.

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