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Review: Chiromancist @CharmainePauls

TITLE:  Chiromancist
SERIES: Seven Forbidden Arts #8
AUTHOR: Charmaine Pauls
RELEASE DATE: April 25th, 2017
PUBLISHER: Satin Romance
FORMAT: Paperback & ebook
SOURCE: complimentary copy


Everything is not always as it seems.
Bono Black is not part of Cain Jones’s taskforce. He’s merely their pilot. The minute he walks into a sex club in Amsterdam, he is no longer an outsider to the war on their beautiful target, Sky Val. Bono wants her like he’s never wanted anyone, and he’s a determined man. The only snags are three major obstacles. One, Sky belongs to the most dangerous sex dealer in the Netherlands who’d see her dead before he lets her go. Two, she’s undeniably involved in the murders of a senator and president. Three, Cain has ordered her dead. But time is on Bono’s side. Before the team leader slits her throat, they need information on her boss. With the interest Sky has shown in Bono, Cain decides Bono is just the man for the job, and that seduction will be his choice of arms.
Life has never been good or kind. From where Sky Val is standing, life looks infinitely bad. Her existence is nothing but physical and emotional torture, but one motivation keeps her going. It is a secret she can’t give up on. Bought at the age of sixteen for her forbidden art to manipulate time, Sky’s owner constructed the perfect jail to confine her. The invisible chains he put on her are much more effective than a brick and mortar prison. She will do anything her owner or his boss demands, even make the handsome, caring Senegalese pilot, Bono Black fall in love with her. Love is, after all, a woman’s best weapon when her mission is to steal a man’s secrets.
Every wise person knows things aren’t always what they seem, but the truth becomes muddled in a war where the good guys suddenly seem bad, and the devil like a savior. In an upside-down world full of dangerous secrets and supernatural powers, many hearts will be broken, but only one team can win. Which one of them will walk away with their secrets and life intact? 

South African born Charmaine Pauls is a gypsy at heart who likes to look at the world from the lens of her camera. She writes dark and paranormal romance novels. The author currently resides in Chile with her husband and children.

´Chiromancist´ is book eight in a book that presents seven extraordinary abilities and we finally get to the last one. This time the experienced pilot from Cain´s team has to take a bigger role for the team. He goes as just a mere companion to a sex club only to end up hooked by the intriguing Sky. A woman with a tortured past and a history of abuse. Their attraction is so evident that enemies will try to use it to their advantage.

As I always say, this author creates great characters. They seem real and human (of course, extraordinary humans). The tension makes the pages tremble and the passion burns every page.

I really like the Seven Forbidden Arts series because it presents all kinds of people from all over the world. This time we go to Amsterdam as the main scenario for all kinds of action and danger. The only thing I didn´t like was that I would have like to read more about Sky´s ability, we did get to enjoy a couple experiences but a few more could have been better.

This one is a MUST if you have read the other books.

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