Monday, October 31, 2016

Review: Spitting on Hans' Tosti

TITLE: Spitting on Hans' Tosti: How It Feels to Be Groped and Preyed Upon by Your Boss
AUTHOR: Karin Bosman
RELEASE DATE: July 5th, 2015
PUBLISHER: CB- Logistics
FORMAT: paperback & ebook
SOURCE: complimentary copy

Sexual harassment at work, the real life story about unwelcome and unlawful behaviour in the workplace. The intimidations of sexual harassment unwittingly pull you into a world of sadness and loneliness. This story gradually reveals how an apparently stray kiss leads to degrading harassment.

'Spitting on Han's Tosti' is a tale of sexual harassment, an honest tale of how your workplace can become an awful place and how going daily to work can feel like hell.

The author took the courage to tell us her real experience and she does it with grace and without looking for pity. She is honest, brave and open about her journey to escape an abusive boss. She uses nicknames to identify each person involved and I think it was a great decision because that way it's easy to imagine the situation in any scenario, I mean that this kind of things happen every day and it's sad.

The book has a really good style and it feels like hearing a friend telling you about his-her life. For moments it was hard to imagine going through the situations the author had to face. But I believe she come out of it stronger and despite all, happier because she could expose his boss.

This one is a really good non-fiction book and a good choice if you want to read about this topic.

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