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Review: Changing Tides @TamaraHoffa

Changing Tides
TITLE: Changing Tides
AUTHOR: Tamara Hoffa
RELEASE DATE: September 19th, 2015
FORMAT: Paperback & Ebook

When Marine widow Monica Montgomery’s son tore his ACL sliding into home plate, the last thing she expected to find at the hospital was a second chance at love. But the six foot six orthopedic surgeon tempts her to play doctor. Too bad her teenage daughter is hell bent on keeping the Navy Lieutenant Commander’s love boat anchored in port.
Dr. Jason Knight has patched up military men and women from Afghanistan to Okinawa. Now he faces his greatest challenge, filling the hole in the lives of this broken family.


My best friend calls me “her Fairy Godmother,” but I feel more like Cinderella. After over twenty-five years of living a typical life, I now live my dreams and I create them too.

Nothing is better than creating a brand new world from a blank piece of paper. Breathing life into characters and watching their stories unfold—I am truly blessed.

I live in on eight acres in middle Tennessee with my husband, my dad, one of my three children, two dogs and three cats. I am privileged to have two precious grandsons.

When I’m not on my computer or reading my kindle, you’ll usually find me in the kitchen. I love to cook! If I’m not there, I’m on the fields, watching my grandsons’ soccer or baseball games. 

It’s never too late to chase your dreams. I’m proof you can catch them, even if arthritis slows you down. Who knows, your own Fairy Godmother may be just a dream away.

"Changing Tides" is a short, sweet and romantic story about finding love for the second time. A year after losing her husband who was a Marine but died in a traffic accident (talk about misfortune) Monica meets a sexy orthopedic surgeon called Jason.

The book is really short so the action comes almost in minutes. There is passion, excitement, and love. Both Monica and Jason are adults, which is why their relationship is simple, straight to the point and mature.

Monica's kids (she has three) have mix feelings about their relationship and their actions affect her and Jason.

Overall, this is a nice book, easy to read, entertaining and sweet.

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