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Review: The Snowflake Valley Advice Fairy @hollytierney

TITLE: The Snowflake Valley Advice Fairy
AUTHOR: Holly Tierney-Bedord
RELEASE DATE: December 19th, 2015

At just twenty-five years old, Elinor has landed the job of her dreams: She’s going to be Merry the Advice Fairy for the Snowflake Valley Gazette. She’s ecstatic that she’s about to embark on a fun, cushy career while living in the cutest, quaintest town she’s ever known.
She’s barely settled into her desk at work when that famous Snowflake Valley shimmer starts to fizzle. The real Snowflake Valley bears little resemblance to the picture postcard tourist destination she and her family loved when she was a child. Her new co-workers are uninspiring, to say the least, and the problems that people are submitting to the Gazette are much weightier than what she was expecting.
Losing faith in herself, Elinor considers cutting her losses and moving on. However, the attention of hot young reporter Nile might be enough to get her past her chilly start in Snowflake Valley, and back to seeing its charm once again.

Holly Tierney-Bedord writes contemporary fiction. She is the author of Surviving Valencia, Right Under Your Nose, Bellamy's Redemption, and Coached, as well as children's books. She lives in Madison, Wisconsin.


If you are looking for a short chick-lit to read, 'The Snowflake Valley Advice Fairy' is for you. Elinor always wanted to live in Snowflake Valley and now she finally has a job and a home there. However, her dream place isn't as perfect as she imagined. Also, her job is about giving people advice and it might not be as easy as it sound. Real people have real problems and she will have to figure out how to help all of them. Just when she is thinking about leaving she meets Nile, a young reporter that gives her a reason to stay.

It's a short book (less than 100 pages) so it will take you just hours to read it. The story is easy to follow, the writing is very good and the romance is sweet. I liked Elinor's advices, she gives people real solutions and learns as much as the rest from answering questions.

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  1. Thanks for sharing this review. Short and sweet can be fun! Interestingly I'm writing my Xmas novel now (weird thing to do in May) but looks like some people are way ahead :)

    Rosa Temple writes...


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