Monday, May 23, 2016

Review: Shimmer @Bella623

TITLE: Shimmer
AUTHOR: Claudette Melanson

Do you love Faerie Tales? Ariane & Aureliam have grown up together, always knowing they were destined to spend their lives together. But a chance meeting may bring an end to the happiness they've always hoped to have together. Ariane's father has other plans for her future...and they don't include Aureliam
The faerie pair are not willing to lose each other so easily and Aureliam has laid a plan in place that will hopefully ensure their future together. Will Ariane's dreams of a life with her true love come true? 

Claudette Melanson lives in Guelph, Ontario, with her husband Ron and four bun babies: Tegan, Pepper, Butters & Beckett. She graduated from Indiana University of Pennsylvania with a BA in English and an MA in Literature. Vampires have been a passion since age five. She hopes to one day work full time as an author, since there are many, many books living inside her head.

In her spare time--what's that???--she loves to watch anime, game the XBox 360--especially Silent Hill Games, read great works of fiction & play with the bunnies. Coffee Lover, occasional blogger, Keto eater & movie watcher. RA changed her life in Dec of 2011 but she's fighting back every day with dietary changes and Enbrel!


"Shimmer" is a really good fantasy story that despite being short feels complete and is well written.
It´s the story of Ariane & Aureliam, two faeries who see their happiness threatened by a jealous human.

It has just a few pages but the author manages to create a solid story with all the ingredients of a great fantasy tale. It has a colorful and exciting narration.

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