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Blog Tour: Stalemate

She's playing the game but the rules keep changing.

Title: Stalemate
Author: Rose Sawyer
Genre: Romantic Suspense
Release Date: February 26, 2016
Series: Stalemate, Part 1 of 2
Cover Designer: Claire Smith
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Nobody likes the game of cat and mouse more than Ellie Collins. It is what she is trained for. A deadly assassin, Ellie is seeking vengeance. She wants the man from her past, her childhood, to pay for his sins. Her journey leads her into the arms of Alex, a man who she thinks she has all figured out. 

Successful lawyer, Alex King, isn’t looking for complicated. He isn’t searching for anything that can possibly interfere with his well-orchestrated life. That is until he meets Ellie. Soon he becomes a pawn in her game of revenge. What starts as a whirlwind, lust-filled affair, Alex and Ellie’s relationship spirals into something much more than either of them expected.  

When the pieces are set and the players are primed, can either escape the final move of checkmate?

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Rating: 3.5 stars

What happens when revenge is your only goal but love and passion get in your way? This is the question that torments Ellie. After a traumatic childhood, she became a secret assassin and now is running a plan to catch a man from his past. To do so she has to meet Alex, a sexy lawyer who is only a pawn in her game. Of course, once she meets him, passion and sexual tension will screw up her plans. 

Ellie is a nice character, there is a dark aura around her and her internal battle is very emotional. We know she is a strong person who is very good at kicking big guys asses :) Then we have Alex, he is the typical good looking, sexy and cocky man we love in our dark romance. He and Ellie shared a chemistry that could burn cities, and to say that their scenes are hot and steamy would be an understatement. 

My main problem with the book is that the author focused on Ellie and Alex's relationship leaving aside important matters such as what really went down in her past, how she and Luke got together, who trained her and what is her job (the blurb says she is an assassin and she talks about some of her previous mission but we never really receive an explanation or read about her abilities as killer).

Is clear that there will be a sequel because there are many loose ends and questions to answer. 

To summarize, I'm giving it 3.5 stars because I enjoyed the 'romance' and passion between the main characters and I think their relationship was strong enough to create a great story but I need more action in the revenge department. I will be waiting for book 2.

Rose Sawyer currently lives on campus full time while working on her undergraduate degree in Biblical and Religious studies with an emphasis on Religion and Sociology in California, where she was born and raised. On weekends, she travels home to see her parents and the gaggle of cats, dogs, horses and other four-legged animals that she loves.

At 19, she has written seven romance novels, is currently writing two more and has another two in the process of being published. The majority of her novels can be found at, where they are available to read for free.

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