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Weeping Willow - Part One & Part Two @S_Madera

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Today I'm reviewing the first two parts of a really great fantasy series. These are two short fantastic stories that introduces the story and continue in longer books. Also the two stories will be or already combined in one book called: Wicked Chemistry.

Important you can download for free both parts from most retailers.
Weeping Willow - Part One (Weeping Willow Stories, #1)
Title: Weeping Willow (Part One)
Author: Sandra Madera
Series: Weeping Willow  #1
Release Date: February 18th 2011
Format: Ebook
Publisher: self-published
Source: complimentary copy in exchange of an honest review.

Being teased at school, Chloe was awkward socially, finding it hard to relate to her peers. As an only child of a single mother, she had her share of loneliness. But when her mother buys a fixer upper on a large lot just outside of town, Chloe feels the she is on the cusp of change. Dreaming of another world and a handsome but alien stranger has her questioning who she really is, and what is real....


Weeping Willow - Part Two (Weeping Willow Stories, #2)
Title: Weeping Willow (Part Two)
Sandra Madera
Series: Weeping Willow  #1.5
Release Date: March 5th 2011
Format: Ebook
Publisher: self-published
Source: complimentary copy in exchange of an honest review.


Now that Willow has met her twin soul and come to terms with who she really is, she is captured by King Callan, Ruler of the Dökkalfar. Jailed as an abomination to the Elven race due to her unnatural creation, Willow struggles to understand the dynamics of this new world and wonders who she can trust in order to gain her freedom once more. However, the prophecy of her kind is clear... She must put an end to the race wars, uniting two kingdoms, but only if she can survive the wrath of a powerful king.

Sandra MaderaSandra Madera currently resides in New York and is a recent college grad, obtaining her bachelor's degree in science. However, her true passion has always been reading and writing. She has been writing short stories since she was a child. She recently published her first full-length YA novel entitled Restraint. For free YA short story downloads and for information on upcoming novels visit and


(Note: I'm reviewing Weeping Willow Part One and Part two in only one review).

Chloe doesn't look like normal girls and stranger dreams haunt her sleep. When strange events reveals who she really is, nothing will be the same again.

These two short stories are really great pieces of fantasy. There is a lot of action, drama, suspense and a bit of love. There are a few twists and surprises that makes you wonder things like: "she did what?" and "he really did that?". The adrenaline runs through some passages that are full of battles and fights.

The characters are very likeable, both Chloe-Willow and Nalin are solid characters. Despite don't having much space to develop their personalities you can understand their motivations and their choices.

The author uses words to create a vivid and colorful world where magical creatures are real. The descriptions are very detail and it's easy to imagine the scenarios and the people.

I totally understand why the author had to write novels after this introduction. The series has a lot of potential and her writing is very good.

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