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Review & Giveaway: Link @DAKarrRHWMS

Title: LINK
Author: D.A. karr
Release Date:
January 29th 2015 
Format: Paperback & Ebook
Source: complimentary copy in exchange of an honest review.


Space Time, 2800, Earth
As the Earth shifts on its axis, mankind is caught in a war of survival and time. Imprisoned in this time war, Captain John Garrick and the N.S.T.E.A. Phoenix become a pawn between technology, humans, and what's left of civilization.  
No amount of careful planning can prepare the time jumpers for the dangerous enemy that seems to predict their every move.
As the N.S.T.E.A seals a deal to deliver time technology to the notorious outlaw, Menser, Garrick plots to undermine the N.S.T.E.A.
Garrick doesn't live by the rules, and he knows one thing is for sure: kill or be killed. 
Technology becomes the enemy and time an illusion as Phoenix's crew prepares for the inevitable - a fight to the finish.

D.A. Karr has been writing books and screenplays for the last ten years. Her experience and employment includes firefighting in the U.S. Forest Service, law enforcement, IT engineering, and several years with the Space and Naval Warfare Systems Center San Diego (SSC San Diego). She has a Master’s in software engineering.
D.A. Karr enjoys writing in a variety of genres including sci-fi, thriller-mystery, historical fiction, and screenplays.  She is the author of several books including LINK, The Legend of Pendyne, and The Racehorse with Magic Shoes.

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Link is a good science fiction story with some pros and cons. In a far future after the fight for survival includes unbelievable technology, space travel and a new significance to what being human means.

The story includes the idea of artificial intelligence. This one element was really good, it became a character on its own but somehow the story didn't work for me.

Let's start with the good. I really liked the graphics that appeared from time to time. I always say that sci-fi offers the possibility of creating complete worlds and other galaxies. It was a good choice to include these images. They make the story more palpable and you can imagine better the scenarios and characters.

Also the writing style is simple to follow. The language use is understandable for a sci-fi story and the dialogues are good. These elements make it a fast book, it only took me two days to read it.

Now, why didn't I enjoy this book? I think somehow the plot or just the story never really got me. The action is there but I never felt the rush that comes after a lot of tension. The characters were there but I couldn't relate with a single one. And also A.L.I.S, it was no surprise what happened with her-it.

Overall, it was a good read. I loved the cover and the blurb and I had high expectations for this book but I’m sorry to say that it didn’t work for me.

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