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Review: The Dark Rider @iamcritch

The Dark Rider (Fading Light, #1)
Title: The Dark Rider
Andrew Critchell
Series: Fading Light #1 
Release Date: August 19th 2012
Format: Paperback & Ebook
Source: complimentary copy in exchange of an honest review

Years ago a secret was shared between a woman and a young boy. Now she is dying and the time has come. The secret must be revealed, and the boy awakened to realise a prophecy that has lain unfulfilled for nearly two millennia. But something is wrong. As the eve of his awakening approaches, nothing is happening as it should. Then he meets someone and everything changes...

She is on holiday in Cornwall, a young woman plagued by visions of a mysterious warrior on horseback. As the rider steps from her dreams and into reality, two worlds collide and the nightmare begins. Pursued by sinister agents, she finds herself in a race against time, yet it is unclear who is a friend and who is the enemy. With evil closing in on all sides she must choose well, for the fate of a world hangs in the balance. Failure will cost much more than just her life.

Andrew CritchellI started writing 'The Dark Rider' when I was 14, the first scenes coming out in one go in the half light of a summer evening. However, it took another 24 years before I actually finished, so I am looking to make an improvement on that timeframe for the next book in the series!!
I was born in Kent, England, in 1974, and have always been inspired and awed by the magic of being outside in nature at sunrise or sunset. It is time when anything seems possible, when the total domination of our modern world can be countered by light and shadow. For me, it is also when I have had my most magical experiences of nature, inspiring my writing and a lifelong interest and passion for landscape photography.
Since leaving school I have had a meandering educational and career path taking in banking, environmental campaigning, professional commercial photography and teaching. However, my heart always brings me back to writing and I hope you enjoy the results.
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The Dark Rider is an intriguing, well thought fantasy that drags you into it only to leave you waiting for the next book. If you enjoy fantasy, fast stories and likeable characters you should give this book a try.

The book presents three parallel stories that will eventually converge into only one. We have Paul, whose aunt has just died and all his life has been told about a prophecy and another world. Then we have Nicola, this young woman who is not happy with her life as it is. And finally we have two siblings who have just move in to town. The narration jumps from character to character giving us a complete view of where everyone is standing. As we read we can build in our heads a bigger world and little by little we see how their path will cross.

Paul and Nicola can be called the main characters. Is interesting to witness how they enter each other's life and how fast they get involved in an “exciting adventure”. I don’t want to get into details because their story is what makes the book worth reading but I liked how they evolved and the fact they sound quite real.

I really like the fantasy element because it is easy to understand, there are no complex or intricate theories. The author created a solid, easy to comprehend and interesting world. Every new revelation sounds believable and expand the world even more.

The action comes in great quantities. There are moments of tension and drama, chasing and adrenaline pumping through the pages. The writing allows you to follow everything and despite the changing scenario you always know where you are.

Overall, The Dark Rider is a good book and you can see why the author took all the time he did to create a story that fantasy lovers would enjoy. I hope to read book two sometime soon.

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