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Review: Anomie @anomiethenovel

Title: Anomie
Author: Jeffrey Lockwood
Release Date: April 7th 2015
Format: Paperback & Ebook
Publisher: Havard Square Editions
Source: complimentary copy in exchange of an honest review


Anomie is a uniquely told story of Michael, a middle-aged university professor and writer.
After a series of tragic events, he seeks closure through myriad experiences, in order to bring balance to his world.
Will he find himself in China?
Jeffrey Lockwood
Photo: Fan Dan Dan ©

Jeffrey Lockwood hails from Michigan’s Upper Peninsula, and is a member of the Chippewa tribe there.
He is the author of In These Low Mountains (March Street Press), a chapbook of poems and short stories, and has several other published poems and short stories in print.
Jeff has lived internationally for many years, as a soldier, Fulbright Scholar, Peace Corps volunteer, and teacher.
Presently, he writes in Inner Mongolia. Anomie is his first novel.


Anomie is a wild ride through a man's life and all the things he has to go through. It would be easy to label it as simple fiction but it's so much more than that. Anomie is a reflex of the human condition and the perpetual search of happiness. This book will drag you into its words for you to witness how a man fights to find closure and purpose.

Michael is a middle aged professor and when we first meet him he is not happy with his job and decides to leave it and try other places. His travel around the world will be more than just a journey to know other cultures. It will be a tour around sadness, adiction, love, friendship, family, passion and despair.

The story takes us to all the places a man can go during his search for a place to belong. Michael, as many of us, is looking for the meaning of his life. He's waiting for that big revelation that will make everything better. I can't explain in few words the deepness of the story and how touching it is. Michael is so human and his story is so real that it is hard to find any flaw.

The writing style is excellent. The author has gift with words and through them he creates a solid world, a character with a real personality and vivid, colorful scenarios that give strenght to the story. The dialogues are great and the passing is quite fast.

I liked how the author introduces events from the past through this sorts of flashbacks, they are done in a organic way that gives unity to the book.

There's a thing I have to mention... I have a twisted sense of humor so there were things in the book that made me laugh, and I mean truly laugh out loud and people around me started to looking me with a bad eye. The story is so powerful that it was easy to get immerse in it and forget about the world around me. Life can be bitch sometimes (forgive my language) and the revelations that Michael has to face were so shocking and unexpected that I couldn't do anything else but laugh. We should laugh more about the tragedies in our lives in order to move on.

Overall, Anomie is an excellent piece about life. It's an interesting tale about a man's journey. If you are looking for a well thought fiction you should give it a go.

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