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Review: Alouette's Song @Eternalsquire

Alouette's Song, Adventure Cover
Title: Alouette's Song
Author: Andrew Jonathan Fine
Release Date: March 2015
Format: Paperback & Ebook
Source: complimentary copy in exchange of an honest review


Two teenaged couples become close friends, beat a government conspiracy, gain the key to the stars, and explore the galaxy. There they confront bigotry, war, evil scientists, and their own personal demons.
The tears of a stranger will save a land... that's how an alien prophecy goes. Both couples face odds so high only combined valor, sacrifice, ingenuity, and prayer can overcome them to save hundreds of millions.
A gifted violinist having unshakable faith, a sensitive sculptor with a horrific upbringing, a talented tinkerer and builder, and an autistic prodigy in math will each pay a huge price to have both love and life prevail!
I arrived in Camden to a Conservative Jewish Family.
I was diagnosed with autism at 3 and didn't learned to talk until 6, after 2 years of experimental instruction.
Once I learned to start talking I never did learn how to stop; but I consider myself far more eloquent in writing than in speech.
I'm one of the lucky few who are doubly special. I started high school at 12, graduated at 15, quickly earning degrees in engineering and computer science.
I did what I could with the hand I was dealt. My life didn't really turn happy until I met and married Anna. 18 months later our beautiful and brilliant little girl, Akira, arrived.
I now live in Idaho's Silver Valley, where I'm learning to forget all the grief I've ever known. Writing helps.

Alouette's Song is a sci-fi with great doses of adventure, YA romance, coming of age and characters that are far from ordinary.

The story is quite fantastic, original and engaging. A group of friends gets together to build a world changing invention and they see themselves involved in space travelling, discovering we’re not the only ones in the Universe, saving millions of inhabitants and more.

The author has a special writing style. He creates a dynamic world where surprises are everywhere. The characters have to face danger, anger, sadness and also happy moments. The plot is not easy to summarize because there are lots of elements involved and you could say that there are numerous subplots, each one well defined and with its own resolution.

Each character is special and their personalities are complete and believable. Each one has their moment under the spotlight. I loved the fact that the author presented such diverse group of people.

The book has a changing POV, each chapter is told by a different person and despite sounding confusing it isn't. This constant changing allows us to see the whole panorama and get to know each one of them.

The story includes an important religious element and let me tell you it makes the story even better. When an author decides to include religion and philosophical arguments in their books things can go wrong but here it works out perfectly.

My only complaint would be how long the book is, however, I don't know how it could be shorter. I was thinking about which chapter could be taken out or what wasn't necessary to the story and it is hard to find something that doesn't add for the better.

Overall, I enjoyed Alouette’s Song because it is a well thought sci-fi book. There’s action and despite the length is easy to read.

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