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Review & Giveaway: The Belonging Duet @AuthorCMichaels

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It's been long since I included a little comment in my reviews. The next book was the first to make me cry in a long time. I loved it and that's why I decided to give a copy to one lucky winner.
Corinne is now part of my favorites author and I can't wait to read her next book.

 The Belonging Duet Box Set
Title: The Belonging Duet 
Author: Corinne Michaels
Series: Belonging 1 & 2
Release Date:
January 18th 2015 by 
Format: Ebook
BAAE Publishing

The Bestselling Belonging Duet Boxset includes both books as well as Bonus Material available only in this set!
Catherine Pope had her happily ever after in sight, only to have it ripped away. To ensure it doesn’t happen again, she constructs impenetrable walls around her heart. When Jackson Cole turns her world upside down, she’ll have to fight every fear she has. Jackson pushes her, gives her hope, and terrifies her.
His training as a Navy SEAL never prepared him for the battle to win her heart, but he’s determined to claim her. However, Jackson isn’t without his own demons. If she lets him in and he destroys her … can she survive?
Together they must decide if they are each other’s beloved or if they’re beholden to their fears.
Corinne Michaels lives with her husband and two children. She loves her wine, kindle and sarcasm is her second language. When not curled up with her laptop, Corinne can be found at the beach enjoying the sun and the sand.

You can connect with her on:

I love when a book comes and knocks you with all its force only to leave you heartbroken but happy at the same time. The Belonging Duet has the power of destroy you when it ends but at the same time makes you feel whole and at peace.

It's hard to review the whole story without giving spoilers but I will concentrate in all the things that make this book so excellent. It's the first book that made me cry in a long time and I think that the tears were proof of the author's talent. When a book gets under your skin and the words transport you inside the pages, it means the author not only has a superb writing style but also she has the gift of creating a real, vivid, complete and heartbreaking love story.

Catherine is a successful business woman who has failed in the love department. One night out she literally ends up in Jackson’s lap. Of course destiny intervenes and they meet again. What starts as a professional relationship with sexual tension grows into an intense, passionate and emotional story.

There are moments of high voltage and yes, I’m talking about the sexual parts, which let me tell you are explosive. If there was a thermometer inside the book, it would blow away because of the hotness of the scenes. The author creates the perfect atmosphere and the passion is palpable.

Also, the book has what I would call key moments. Those moments that changed the story, events that moved it to a new route, chapters that were incredibly fantastic. For example the last chapter of Beloved, OMG! I was speechless and almost fainted when I read it. If you have the box set, the bonus chapter really helps you calm down a bit. Then, the prologue for Beholden is tragic and painful to say something. While I read it I was making theories about what I was reading because I couldn’t stand the sadness you feel as you go from word to word and I was hopping all my theories were wrong.
Of course there are more moments worth mention, every time you think things are calming down bam! Another turn comes and shakes your world.

About the POV, I really liked that Beloved was only told from Catherine point of view. It really helps capturing the doubt, the fears and all the feelings that come from falling in love. Now, when we read Beholden, the author alternates between Jackson and Cat. Genius would be an understatement. It's incredible how deep you get into the story when you have both sides of it.

I have to talk a bit about Cat and Jackson, they are two broken souls that need each other to heal. They need to learn to trust again and take the risk of getting hurt. Cat is strong, decided but also she is a bit impulsive and stubborn. I admire the hard worker she is, her job is important and she knows it. Jackson is sexy, strong (I mean he is an ex - Navy SEAL) and has a tendency of carrying the world on his shoulders. They bring out the best and the worst in the other. Their relationship is fast and powerful, and they have to face a lot of obstacles.

If you are wondering why I cried, let’s say that the author not only writes great sex scenes. She writes about loss, sorrow, forgiveness, love, betrayal, pain, anguish and all those feelings using magical words. The line between reality and fiction gets blurry and it’s easy to lose yourself in the story.

So, if you want to read about real love, the one that hurts and makes you smile, you need to read this book.

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  1. Oh wow! I love it when a book drags you in and you get so emotional you cry!! (My hubby does not understand that) Anyway, fabulous review! This series sounds amazing and I would love to get to know Catherine and Jackson!!

    Naomi @ Nomi’s Paranormal Palace

  2. Thank you for the opportunity your blog is inspirational! I am trying to build my collection to start a small blog.. Nothing this big! Would love the books to give my opinion on!

  3. I'm curious because it sounds like a powerful story and it has been a while since I read something like it!!


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