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Review: Unsettled Spirits @torncashmere

Unsettled Spirits
Title: Unsettled Spirits
Author: Shopie Weeks
Release Date: May 30th 2013
Format: Paperback & Ebook
Publisher: Booktrope
Source: complimentary copy in exchange of an honest review


Sarah Markham always assumed that the Ivy League was her ticket to a new life. But after graduating from Harvard at the height of the Great Recession, she finds herself with no job offers and not much hope. That all changes when she enters a bookshop owned by Samuel, an eccentric intellectual who offers her not just a job, but also a place to stay. Sarah soon discovers a small catch though: her room is haunted by Lucy Larch, an opinionated and strong-willed ghost from the 1940s.
As Sarah tries to help Lucy move on, she meets handsome Irishman Ian Flynn and falls in love, but her insecurities soon threaten every relationship she’s built.
As Sarah grapples with questions of faith, love, and identity, she must learn to embrace not just the spirits of the present, but the haunting pain of the past. Can she accept her past, and more importantly herself, in order to let love in?

Born in Phoenix, Arizona, Sophie Weeks received a Masters degree in English Literature from Mills College in 2006 and completed her PhD in Victorian Literature at Rice University in 2013.
Sophie resides in Payson, Arizona with three furry miscreants, who are wanted in multiple states for criminal adorableness. She is also the author of Outside the Spotlight and Unsettled Spirits
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Unsettled Spirits is the story of a young woman trying to grow up and deal with the adult world while dealing with a simpatic-sometimes-annoying ghost.

Sarah has just graduated college and needs money to pay her loans and to live. She ends up working and living at a bookshop. There the owner, Samuel will become a friend and confident. However, the room comes with a surprise, Lucy, a ghost from the 1940s. And to make things even better, enters Ian, a handsome, smart Irish man who will change her life forever.

The story is sweet, simple and fast. Sarah is a twenty-five-year-old woman with a sincere heart and profound fears. Her childhood was not ordinary, daughter of missionary parents, she grew up living in places like Peru. She is afraid of a lot of things and doesn't know how to handle with things that most twentyish people face everyday. I totally understand her and for me is a lovely, real and despite all strong character.

She has never been kissed so Ian brings unknown feelings and emotions into her world. Their relationship is sweet, fast and mature despite her inexperience.

Lucy is a funny character and helps her in ways you cannot imagine. However, for moments she seems less than a secondary character and I was wondering how the ghost was relevant to the story. But the author surprise me and gave her a key part to solve the bigger picture.

There were a lot of things I loved. For example, she graduated from Harvard and still couldn't find a proper job. Genius and real, in todays world you can't only rely in a diploma from an excellent college. Another point, she smokes weed, which is a total contradiction if you remember where she grew up. But when you think about it is no so strange because a lot of people her age does it.

The writing style is good, the dialogues are entertaining and the characters are well described.

Overall, this is a book about a young woman finding herself and helping a ghost along the way. It's about healing and learning to trust your heart.

I totally recommend this book to lovers of light and sweet romance.

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