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Review - Queen of Clubs @delongkatie

Queen of Clubs
Title: Queen of Clubs
Author: Katie de Long
Release Date:
November 14th 2014
Format: E-book
Victory Editing Source 
Source: complimentary copy in exchange of an honest review

The exotic dancers and employees of the Queen of Clubs walk a fine line, with only wits, beauty, and market savvy to keep them from toppling into the shark pit. Ride shotgun through lapdances, romance, and sexual awakenings. Don't worry, these girls won't ask what your hands are doing under the tip rail.
Cora, an adventurous student, finds herself auditioning for a stripping gig...and it comes with more than the asking price, including a very attractive DJ.

Queen of Clubs contains adult content, and is intended for mature readers. Each Queen of Clubs is a standalone novella length work.


Katie de LongKatie de Long lives in the Pacific northwest, realizing her dream of being a crazy cat-lady. As a kid, Katie flagged the fade-to-blacks in every adult book she encountered, and when she began writing, she vowed to use cutaways sparingly. After all, that’s when the good stuff happens. And on a kindle, no one asks why there’s so many bookmarks in her library.

Katie’s first published work, the short story Eternal Lie, is in Cult Classics For The Modern Cult, edited by Michelle Browne, and available from Amazon, and B&N. Katie has four erotic romance, and romantic thriller series due for release in the next year. Check back soon for news, previews, cover reveals, and general authorly goodness.

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Queen of Clubs is an erotic novella with some highs and lows. Cora, a college student, auditions to work in a strippers club and from then on the story begins.

One thing I liked about the story, and I think it’s one of its strong points, is Cora. She has an interesting personality. She's the first feminine character who wants to show her body and dance for men just because she enjoys it. I loved it!!! I'm tired of women who ended up as strippers or porn stars because they had difficult childhood or a non-existing male figure in their lives. She is totally honest when she says that simply she loves sex, the attention and she is super comfortable with her body.

Of course, being under the erotic category (at least for Netgalley) there is sex in the story. For me the problem was not that it came too fast, it's a novella after all. The issue was that there was no tension, no foreplay. It was just sex.

Overall, it's a good read. If you want a fast and enjoyable story with mature content I think this one is a good choice.

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