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Review: The Last Superhero by @artistikem

The Last Superhero
Title: The Last Superhero
Author: Astrid "Artistikem" Cruz
Release Date: December 18th 2014
Format: Paperback & Ebook
Publisher: Artistikem
Source: complimentary copy in exchange of an honest review.


Even heroes have the right to bleed...
Everybody knows that Steven S. Waldorf, the last superhero to roam the Earth, died twenty-eight years ago. What everyone ignores is that not only is he still alive, but being kept under the protection of the United State's government.
That is until, one night, he finds himself saving a young woman from getting mugged.
Giana is no ordinary twenty-nine year old, though. She's witty, badmouthed, and once she's set her focus on something nothing can make her stray from her goal.
Even if that means putting her life on the line to save the man she's come to know and love from the nightmares that torment him.

I always wondered how people would react if superheroes were real. Would we be friendly with them? or as usual would we be afraid of these people with superpowers? who might seem so different from us but equals in essence.

In this world created by Astrid, the last superhero walking on Earth saves Giana from a dangerous situation and from then on a chaotic, romantic, intense and why not exciting story starts to develop.

Giana is a twenty-nine-year old woman, who owns a bookstore (my dream job) and to be honest has a lot to figure out about life. Like most thirtyish people she still needs to decide where she is going professionally and her personal life is a disaster. Here enters Steven S. Waldorf, a superhero with a shady past.

Once she meets Steven, curiosity wins and she decides to take a leap of faith and gives him a chance. The relationship between those two is really good. It goes from innocent and sweet, to hard and intense.

I really like Giana because she is like a walking disaster but still manages to be the heroin of the story. She has a real and believable personality and of course she makes mistakes. I love characters with flaws because I can relate to that. Despite her doubts, her hesitating moments and all, she is everything I want in a character and more.

Steven is hard to describe. There a shadows in his personality but his loneliness and despair is really well described. This dark character was perfect to create such a story.

The plot was flawless and easy to understand. The author creates a solid world, with explanations for all the questions you might have. It´s not only a story about love, there is also a lot of action and adrenaline going on. The whole deal with the government is outstanding. There are moments that really blown up my mind because of the consequences of some choices.

Now, I have to mention the dream land (or the nightmares world). The human imagination is powerful and can create things beyond our wildest dreams. So everything that happen in this place is fantastic. The scenes were written in a way that made easy to picture each moment. They were vivid, colorful and full of action.

The story was so gripping that made me impossible to stop reading. Each word dragged me more and more into a world where feelings and emotions were palpable and real.

Another thing I loved was Giana´s voice. The author gave her the power and she became a living entity. This is the result of the writing style. The way the character talks to herself and describe the events for her is original and refreshing . It seems like she has forgotten that the reader is there observing her life.

Overall, this is an excellent book, very recommendable. If you like superheroes, love and fantasy you should read this one.


  1. Hey you. I love superheroes and always will. To me this is a must read :-)

    Anna from Shout with Emaginette

  2. Oh no! I think my comment the other day didn't go thru. I loved reading your review, and it sounds like a really engaging story :) I love superhero stories too. Glad you had fun reading ;)


Thanks for your comment!!!

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