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Smokin' Hot by Lynn LaFleur - review

Thanks to the publisher for giving me a copy via Netgalley.  Hope you all are having fun :)
Smokin' Hot
Title: Smokin'Hot
Author: Lynn LaFleur
Release Date: March 25th 2014  
Format: E-book & Paperback
Publisher: Kensington Books
Deep in the heart of Texas, the firefighters are hotter, sexier, and totally out of control. . .

Stephen is an adrenaline junkie. And then he meets Julia and her sexy curves. He's on fire with the need for her, a Texas-sized blaze that jumps from one to five alarms the moment their lips touch. . .

Marcus lost everything--his wife, his family, his business. Then nearly his life fighting fires. But out of the ashes he found something that never stopped burning. And this time he won't let go. . .

Childhood friends Talia and Dylan have been putting out fires as long as they've been in denial about their feelings. But one night everything changes, a fire's lit, and it's too hot to ever go out. . .
This book contains adult content.





My rating: 3 of 5 stars

This pack of three novellas is a good, fast passing and entertaining combination of erotic novels. Each one is different, has a different approach to romance and the characters differ from one story to another. However, they all share the same scenario. In Texas, the volunteer firefighter departments are full of sexy characters with passion running through their veins.

I have different opinions for the three stories. One liked me more than the
rest and one could be erased. But overall, I enjoy the intensity, the hotness and the writing in the three novellas.

Singe is my least favorite mainly because I couldn’t buy the explanation of Julia don’t wanting Stephen because he was a lot like her ex. Smolder was my favorite, two ex-lover, former husband and wife, reunited by a series of circumstances is the perfect recipe. It is the most intense story, with passion and feelings in every paragraph and some scenes that will blow your mind. Spark was an ok story. The characters are well described .We get to read about their past and understand why they act as they do. The sex is fascinating and the story has a believable outcome.

Now, as I said the writing is great, it flows naturally and the passing is regular. As they are novellas, the length doesn't allow much character development. The action comes really fast and they go straight to business. This is not at all bad, it's just something that comes with the lenght of the stories.

Set in Lanville, Texas the stories share a cool and relaxed environment. I really liked that the characters were name in the different stories, making it sounds like a whole universe where the characters are experiencing life as it is.

As it is stated on the blurb, it has adult content, or as I call it sex. The scenes are well described and they arrived at the perfect time with a great temperature and atmosphere.

Overall, if you are a fan of erotic romance and enjoy novellas, you should read Smokin’ Hot. There is sweet but strong women, sexy and honest men and exciting moments.

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