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How to Barter for Paradise by Michael Wigge - Review.

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So this is my last free Friday :( I'm going back to work next week so imagine how I feel. Anyway, you won't be missing me because I already read a lot of books and scheduled a lot of posts.
Now to the review.  Thanks to the publisher for the copy of the book via NETGALLEY.

Title: How to Barter for Paradise. My Journey through 14 Countries, Trading up from an Apple to a House in Hawaii
Michael Wigge
Release Date:
January 2nd 2014
Format: Paperback, E-book & Audiobook
Skyhorse Publishing
Most people like to travel in comfort: they stay in fancy hotels, never leave tourist spots, and stay away from the locals. Michael Wigge isn’t like most people, though. After travelling the world without money for 150 days while writing How to Travel the World for Free, his next challenge: turn an apple into a house in Hawaii.
Wigge goes around fourteen countries and six continents exchanging goods for more valuable ones, and he meets an array of good-humored people who take his deals. Taking on his Barterman persona, he trades the apple for sixteen cigarettes in Germany; a couple of trades later in India, he fixes up a motorized rickshaw and trades it for silk; in Australia, a millionaire amuses himself by offering him an art piece for the silk if Wigge feeds a wild crocodile. Finally, he arrives in Hawaii armed with two bicycles, a surfboard, Portuguese porcelain, three solid-gold coins, a Porsche wristwatch, a record by musician Coati Mundi and accompanying contract for 25 percent of the proceeds from his next single, a voucher for a two-night stay in a mansion in L.A., and a piece of original artwork by painter Alex Stenzel—now he just has to find someone to give him a house in exchange.
On the 200-day journey around the world, Wigge makes forty-two trades and meets strange, kind, funny, friendly, eccentric, and good-natured people who help him in his quest. It’s a journey you won’t want to miss!





My rating: 4 of 5 stars

"How to Barter for Paradise: My Journey through 14 Countries, Trading Up from an Apple to a House in Hawaii" is an intense expedition through the world and different cultures. It is the story of a man trying to fulfill a childhood dream. Michael Wigge starts with an apple in Germany and turns it into paintings, cigarretes and more all through bartering. He travels around six continents, getting to know a lot of people and learning what this activity means for different cultures.

This is an inspirational and educational book that is easy to read because the correct and engaging language, the fun stories and the feelings transmitted from the author through words.

While we travelled from side to side, we learn so many things about costumes, values, traditions and the people in the different countries.

I really enjoyed the way Michael writes about his experience, he doesn’t leave anything to imagination. He tells us about his food poisoning episode, about drinking and chatting and about his attempt of smoking with a tribe. It’s all really amazing and entertaining.

There were many great moments in the book. One of my favorites occurred at Kilimanjaro. It was great to read about Michael and Eric, the African porter. I’m glad Michael decided to help him with law school and decided that friendship was something worthy enough to come back with Eric.

As you can expect, he gets a house in Hawaii (after a lot of stress and anxiety) and the happiness he feels is shared by the reader who suffers and dreams with him during the reading.

Overall, this is another great adventure by Michael Wigge. If you have read anything of her previous work I’m sure you will enjoy this one. If you have no idea who Michael is let me tell you this, he is an adventurous man, who is not afraid of trying to feed crocodiles if that means getting closer to his goal.

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  1. Wow, Ruty, he sounds like an amazing guy! His journey sounds so incredible. I admire other people for their ability to be brave and start exploring, you know?

    Nice review! Happy weekend :)


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