Monday, January 27, 2014

Enemy Territory - Review

The last week of January has began. Time really does fly by. I'm taking the time to read the books I requested from NETGALLEY and Enemy Territory is one of them. 

Enemy Territory 
by Sharon McKay

Trained to hate, two boys discover friendship instead.

Sam, an Israeli teen whose leg may have to be amputated, and Yusuf, a Palestinian teen who has lost his left eye, find themselves uneasy roommates in a Jerusalem hospital. One night, the boys decide to slip away while the nurses aren't looking and go on an adventure to the Old City.

The escapade turns dangerous when they realize they're hopelessly lost. As they navigate the dark city-one of them limping and the other half-blind-their suspicions of each other are diverted. They band together to ?nd their way home and to defend themselves against unfriendly locals, arrest by the military police, and an encounter with a deadly desert snake. The boys' attempts to understand each other and the politics that divide them mirror the longstanding conflict in the Middle East.

This powerful story, touched with humor, demonstrates how individual friendships and experiences can triumph over enormous cultural and political differences and lead to understanding and compassion.



My rating: 5 of 5 stars

In a war you are taught that the enemy is the bad guy and you have to hate the people on the other side. But sometimes in a war there are no good and bad, death is part of it and the pain and suffering touches all the members in the conflict.

Enemy Territory is a beautiful story about fear, hate, hope and above all humanity. It helps us see how we create demons with the faces of our enemies forgetting that we have the same essence. We are all people who hurt, cry, laugh, dream and love.

Sam, an Israeli boy, and Yusuf, a Palestinian, meet in a hospital after both are injured in different accidents. At first their prejudices will keep them apart but once they start communicate they will discover a great friendship. When they set on an adventure through the Old city of Jerusalem, the paths will take them to unexpected places.

Sam and Yusuf will learn that despite all their differences they are equals in many ways. Between discussion and fights, stereotypes, misconceptions, myths and wrong ideas will be put over the table.

The descriptions are excellent as well as the dialogues. The action and movement are perfect so is easy to get into the story and feel in your own skin the feelings and motivations behind the characters’ actions. The author creates tridimensional characters, which are likeable and human. With flaws and all they become heroes in their own lives.

A great book that shows a current topic that touch us all no matter what part of the planet we live in. This is an ancient conflict with so many consequences and no solution at sight.

Overall, Enemy Territory is an excellent book. Ideal for all ages because is a good way to learn while enjoying a fantastic story.

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