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Breathing Ghosts - Review

Today is raining here so it seems the perfect time for a new review :)
Laekan is one of those author who doesn't have the success she deserves. She writes amazing books, full of emotion and real situations. I love everything she writes so here is my review of her latest YA book.
You should check out her other books. BTW, thanks to her for sending a copy!

Breathing Ghosts 
by Laekan Zea Kemp
Breathing Ghosts
She is a winding cosmos, bleeding and bursting into night. She is a dream. She is dead.

River has just lost the one thing that matters most to him—Nia—and all she's left behind is a pile of scribbled love notes detailing their past and a pin-holed map planning out their future. Hopes and dreams confined to one dimension now that she's gone and River’s too afraid to leave his hometown, crippled by the same anxiety that’s plagued his mother for as long as he can remember.

But after a strange encounter with the only girl he ever loved a week after laying her to rest, River, armed with nothing but her map and his memories, decides to finally leave and never look back. And with the help of a pair of eccentrically named siblings as well as a mutt with three legs, he sets out to do the very thing Nia always knew how to do better than he ever could—live.

From the moonlit beaches off of Florida's east coast, to the forests of Mississippi, to Bourbon Street, Cadillac Ranch, and the Arizona desert, River is faced with not only Nia's ghost but his own and he learns that in life there are no accidents, only miracles.



My rating: 5 of 5 stars

There are stories that leave you in a vulnerable place, that touch some parts of you in unexpected ways. These stories shake our cores, makes us cry or just let us speechless. Breathing Ghosts is one of those stories. A dark, sad and revealing journey through a young man memories and the adventure he sets on.

After the death of his girlfriend Nia, River finds himself lost with nowhere to go with only a map she used to have and where she dreamt about all the places she would go and some of her drawings. This is no simple story, there is no happy ending because when we are dealing with real life, pain and suffering are going to be present but this doesn’t mean it’s going to be a bad ride.

River is a boy who simply is afraid of going away, of the world, of taking chances, he is just afraid of living. Nia spent hours talking to him about the places they would see, the things they would do and how happy they would be. With glimpses of the past we can see how their relationship was, we get to recreate the past to make sense of the present we are in.

Along the way River meets a couple of twins who are as lost as him. June and Carter are the perfect companion for a boy who is broken because they have a troubled past and a blurry future.

Breathing ghost is no light story; it will take put you in contact with dark feelings, with uncertain decisions and with some characters so real that everything that hits them will hit you too. Their grief is so well written, the story is touching and is easy to relate with the characters.

This author has the power to create magnificent worlds, real and solid, with characters you love. Through her words she transmits human emotions without any filter. It might not be easy to read but let me tell you it is worth it.


  1. Oh gosh, it sounds wonderful. I'm not sure I can read it though because I try to stay away from books with heavy sad feelings nowadays, but it really sounds wonderful!

    Goldie @ My Book Musings


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