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Copout - Review

Hello and welcome to a new review. I got a copy of this book thanks to the author who send me one.
I hope you are having a great time :)
by Bart Cline

CopoutIf a man’s dreams are better than life, then what is the incentive to wake up?

Donovan Stone, police detective, aficionado of classic films, and widower, is such a man. Fired from the force after a violent incident, Donovan’s life could be considered no more successful or happy than a train wreck. His only hope is the affection of a woman, who also happens to be his best friend. 
But each night he finds solace in his dreams, where he can enjoy the good things that life denies him. There he’s successful, happy, and free, until Donovan’s world of dreams crosses over into his reality with deadly consequences. He must fight his way back from the brink of oblivion – but does he really want to? 

Dreams, classic movie genres, and reality meet in a dangerous cocktail.





Rating: 3.5 /5

Donovan Stone is a police officer who after a violent attack is fired from the force. Now unemployed he has to find a way to catch the people behind the violence and prevent a new attack. While his friend Jessica tells him to move forward and find a new job, his dreams will show him the life he doesn’t have.

Copout is a story about how dreams can be an escape for a reality we don’t like. It shows how the answers can be clearer once we are asleep and how reality and imagination can collapse with serious consequences.

Is a book with some original aspects, for example I love the fact that it has two types of narration. When Donovan is asleep and dreaming we read from his point of view, first person, but when we are reading about the “reality” the author chose to write in second person. He refers to the character as "you" and he seems to narrate the story to him instead of us. I really like this aspect because it was different and really enjoyable.

Another good thing is how reality and dreams take turns, you have a chapter for one and then a chapter for the other. The dreams could be read as stories on their own, each one is different and they take aspect of Donovan’s life to create a new world.

However, I would have like to see more action in the real world, you have your doses in dreamland but it's not the same. And the "romance" seems kind of forced. Maybe because romance is no the main point of the story but for what you can see in his subconscious, love is the fuel to his actions.

The story has medium doses of action, a solid plot, good writing and a light romance. It also has touches of fantasy that could have been more developed.

If you feel like reading something with a fresh touch and a bit of action, you should read this one.


  1. Thanks Ruty for reading my book!

  2. This one sounds like a really interesting read, one that I think Mr. Turning the Pages would love. Thanks for the heads up about it, I'm off to buy it :)
    -Kimberly @ Turning the Pages


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