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THY WILL BE DONE: author interview

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Today I have the pleasure of welcoming to my blog the lovely Julie Fisher. 

You can read my review for the book: HERE.
by Julie Fisher.

Ever since childhood, Luke’s nights have been plagued by nightmares centered around a beautiful woman and a malevolent monster. Despite the sleeplessness and debilitating dreams, Luke’s life has been fairly normal—that is, until he learns that this beautiful woman is real. 
Even more bizarre? This woman has been dreaming about him as well. Suddenly Luke finds his world spiraling into an unknown realm when he discovers the profound link he has with this woman.
Powerful forces have placed them in the center of a timeless battle between good and evil, and Luke finds himself facing enemies and friends who conspire to keep him from the truth—a truth that may end up costing him the woman he loves…and maybe even his life. If the woman of his dreams has turned out to be real, could the monster be real too? 
Thy Will Be Done is a refreshingly modern take on the age-old conflict between light and dark. With its memorable characters and whirlwind of a plot, this book promises to be an unforgettable experience.



Ruty: Why did you decided to write it? 
Julie: It started out as a small idea that never went away. It took the inspiration and the support of a good friend for me to start putting the words on paper. After I started, I couldn’t stop. I loved this fictional world and the characters I was creating, and it was this love that compelled me to finish this book. 

Ruty: How did you get your book published? 
Julie: It is very difficult for a first time author to get noticed and published, and being a full time 10th grade English teacher, I didn’t have the resources or the time to pursue that option. I’ve heard of many authors who have succeeded in self-publishing, and it seemed like the best choice for my circumstances.

Ruty: What is special about your book? 
Julie: Without giving anything away, I have delved into an area, that as far as I know, not many authors have explored. I have characters of the biblical nature existing in today’s world, and I have a wonderful twist at the end that hopefully you will not see coming.

Ruty: How long took you to write it?
Julie: It took me about three years to write Thy Will Be Done mostly because I’m working full time as a high school teacher.  It’s hard to find the energy to create after a full day with teenagers.

Ruty: Did you do any kind of research for writing it?
Julie: I did some rereading of certain Bible stories, and I loved looking at the variation of these stories from all different faiths.  It was very enlightening. 

Ruty: Luke is a really interesting character. How was writing about him and his chaotic head? Julie: The readers meet Luke at a very dark time in his life.  
I can’t say I can relate to Luke’s problems, but I understand dealing with issues beyond your control and how frustrating that can be.  I wanted the readers to feel the pain and helplessness that Luke was enduring.  It was a difficult place to go, and I found myself feeling a lot of sympathy for him.  But throughout his ordeal, I never wanted him to lose hope, and I never wanted him to give up in finding happiness. I hope the readers felt that, as well.

Ruty: How do you manage the religious aspect of the book? Aren’t you worried that some readers might not like it? 
Julie: Believe it or not,   I don’t see my book as a religious book.  I see it as taking characters we all know and love and putting them in a completely different situation.   
Being a Christian myself, it was important that I respect people’s beliefs and I tried to keep the religious aspect of my book as neutral as possible.  I want my story to appeal, not just to Christians, but to everyone who likes a good thriller and love story.  Of course, I wish everyone will love my book, but I know that isn’t going to happen.  It’s hard creating something from your heart and soul and putting it out there for criticism, but it was a leap I wanted to make.  I just hope that the criticisms are fair, and I am willing to learn from them to make the next book better.

Ruty: I know you are you working on a sequel. How is it going? When are you planning to release it? 
Julie: The sequel is going well, but it’s going a little slower than I would like.  I got quite a bit done during the summer months, but now that I’m back at work, my time for writing is limited.  Now that I have a little more experience under my belt, I hope to have the book done by next summer.

Ruty: What can you tell about the sequel? 
Julie: In the sequel, Luke is in a better place in his life, but he is very afraid that his happiness is going to be ripped away from him and that his past will come back to haunt him once again.   Without giving too much away, he is going to find himself dealing with some of the same characters from the first book, but I am also introducing another character that is going to cause some brand new problems. As much as I would love Luke to live happily ever after, I just can’t let that happen right now. 


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