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Rise From The Ashes: Lena's Story - Review

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As you can see this was a positive week for my blog! I had various post and today I have a double post. Now it's time for a new review. I received a request from the author to read her book. Thanks to her for the copy.

Rise From The Ashes: Lena's Story
by Laura Franklin.

Rise From The Ashes: Lena's Story
The Taliban have bombed the US with a chemical agent. It wiped out over half of the population and left the country in shambles. Those who are left find unexplained things happening like premonitions in their dreams and enhanced senses. 
Lena, a young woman from Vermont, and Mick, a young man in the US Army, grow close and become leaders as they trudge north to meet up with a military camp at Lake Champlain. Their dreams continue to get more peculiar and have even synced up in a historical setting. With the power out and gasoline a scarce resource; motorcycles, horses and bicycles have become the new mode of transport. 
In another group that is trying to survive, a priest leads discouraged parishioners north and is faced with tough decisions as he has to put the well-being of the group ahead of individuals. They have to band together to make it through this new chaotic situation, relying on their intuition and basic survival skills. This motley crew must reorganize the country just as was done after the revolutionary war. 
The clock is ticking as the persisting threats of the Taliban, drug lords from south of the border and rival gangs across the country put US freedoms in jeopardy.




My rating: 3 of 5 stars

Rise from the Ashes: Lena’s Story is the story of the survivors of a terrorist attack. After the Taliban bombed the US with a chemical agent everything is destroyed and only few were left to fight for their lives in the new world.

This is a fast and changing story with interesting characters, great scenarios and believable situations. However there were a few things I didn’t enjoy that much.

Let me start with the plot, in a world where we live with the permanent threat of the next World War, is easy to picture a terrorist attack that ends with the worlds as we know it. But not being from the US I would have enjoyed seeing other places under attack. Don’t get me wrong, I totally understand why the author choose this setting and it sounded real but maybe in a future book the author can explore other countries and how they have ended up.

Now, about the characters. I really like them because every single one of them has a pretty defined personality, with strong points and also weakness that make them real and tridimensional. Lena and Mick are the perfect couple and true leaders. I really admired Lena’s view of life; once you have lost everything you shouldn’t waste time and go after what you want. I really like her.

The Priest is another great leader and seeing him struggling with some difficult choices not only as a man but being a man of faith was really entertaining.

The devastation and danger was well built, it was easy to read but for me the book seemed longer than it actually was.

And the changing point of view… well, I liked it but it was confusing at times. I usually enjoy books told from different points of view but with this one I think it changed a lot of times.

Overall, it is a well written book, with an interesting and original plot, has great characters and has the potential to be a great series.

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