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Torn (The Caregiver, #2) - Review

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It's time for a new review. This time I had the pleasure to read and review an excellent spies book. I read it in only 2 days and let me tell you it was AMAZING!!!! I love when sequels blow your mind like that.
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Torn (The Caregiver, #2) 
 by Astrid 'Artistikem' Cruz
Torn (The Caregiver, #2)
When she pulled the trigger on her supervisor, Scarlett thought she was saving the life of the man she loves while at the same time freeing herself from her duties with the Interpol. She couldn't have been more wrong.

Now a new boss has stepped in, assigning her to a mission that will reveal the truth of her recruitment with the agency and forcing her to fly to Puerto Rico to meet with her grandfather, world famous hit man, Adrian Lang.

For Armand, it's the perfect wedding destination and an opportunity to help her mend her relationship with her grandfather. For her, it's an open invitation for both friends and foes from the past to drag her back into the hell she fought so hard to leave behind.

Yet one question troubles her the most: Will her relationship with Armand remain unchanged after her past is exposed?





My rating: 4 of 5 stars

I love when you think a book can’t get any better and somehow something happens and you realized you were so wrong… That sentence could sum up my feeling about Torn. Book two in The Caregiver series is an excellent tale of spies, secret agencies, action and love.

The story picks up right after the ending of book one. There are no blanks between them so you should read the previous installment in order to fully enjoy the story. From that point we submerge in a dark, dangerous and very intriguing world. While we discover Scarlett’s past we are forced to read about a lot of suffering, pain, torture, violence and more.

Scarlett becomes a more complete character. I like her more than last time, she feels more tridimensional, with honest and sincere emotions. Armand takes a bigger role, showing us more about him and proving that mob men can be good guys too.

Bring the story to Puerto Rico was a smart choice, it gives a different vibe and we can get to know more characters. Every single person is well described; they all have defined personalities and awesome dialogues.

It has a very fast rhythm with an amazing writing style that creates a vivid, colorful and believable world. It is really easy to picture the story as one of those famous TV shows or maybe a great spies’ movie. It has all the ingredients: great characters, fantastic dialogues and settings, chases, guns, explosions and surprises everywhere.

It is important to say that the story has great doses of cruelty and brutality, like I said before; we witness violence, torture and a there is a lot of blood involved. It makes the story even better but sometimes I had to take a moment before continue. The scenes are really good despite not being extremely graphic or being full of clich├ęs. To make things even better it has an exhilarating ending that leaves you speechless and waiting for the next book.

Overall, Torn is an excellent book because it’s intriguing, exciting, surprising and well written. Also, I should say that it is much better than book one. Even though I liked The Caregiver #1, the sequel really surpasses it and put the bar on a much higher level.

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