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Dawn of a Dark Knight - Review & Giveaway

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If you like paranormal romance, this book is for you. I have to thank the author for the copy and for giving the chance to one lucky winner to read this amazing story.
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Dawn of a Dark Knight 
 by Zoe Forward
Dawn of a Dark Knight
In the shadows of our world, a secret band of warriors fights to protect us. They are the last line of defense against an evil no human can stop.

An ancient nemesis has resurfaced. Duty demands that Ashor Vlahos, Scimitar Magi commander, recruit a magical healer to fortify the remaining eight magi. The gods' choice is the woman who helped him escape torture a decade ago. 
Ashor couldn't have imagined a better punishment for his vow-breaker homicidal incidents than for the gods to bind him irrevocably to the only woman in the universe he cannot have. The soul-searing desire she ignites in him is strictly forbidden.
Kira Hardy, M.D. is a brilliant, hardworking internal med resident with big secrets. But when Ashor asks for aid after a brutal daemon attack, she is sucked into his dangerous, secret world. Enslavement to the magi, no matter how hot they are, may be an unattractive life plan, but being targeted for death by their enemies is less tolerable.

She must trust the sexy, tormented Ashor to keep her safe while he must deny his ultimate desire and keep Kira at arm's length lest he bring destruction down on them both. As a centuries-old evil catches up to them, they face a crucial decision--follow the gods' rules or follow their hearts.


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My rating: 4 of 5 stars

Saying that Dawn of A Dark Knight is a paranormal romance would be an understatement because this book is a thrilling, sexy and exciting story.

This book presents us a different kind of paranormal. Here we have a new world, described and created by the author in an excellent style, where Scimitar Magus, an Order of Assassins, Daemons and Egyptian Gods are real. It’s an original and fresh idea with a solid plot and very well thought.

At first I was a bit overwhelm by all the names and the different types of assassins but once I continue with the story I got used to them and could difference one from another.

We have two main characters: Ashor and Kira. Ashor Vlahos, the Scimitar Magi commander, is the alpha male you expect. He is the embodiment of sexiness and every girl's dream. He is protective, brave, mysterious and way too sexy. His dark side is gaining strength and the only thing that could help him is finding his soul mate.

Kira, a future doctor with a secrete power. Her ability to heal others always made her feel different and out of place. Her knowledge of the Magi world will lead her through a fantastic journey where magic, ancient Gods and demons are everyday thing.

As you imagine, there is an intense and always present sexual tension between Kira and Ashor. It increases as the story moves on until it reaches a point where the thermometers would explode. This tension is one of the strongest point of the story, however, there is a moment where is just too much. They are surrounded by all kinds of danger, people are getting hurt and they can’t overpass or put their tension aside. Luckily, the wait is totally worth it and the scenes make you forget all the previous annoyance.

The rest of the characters are amazing. The other Magis are incredible; each one has a defined personality and more than once they steal the spotlight.

Like I said the writing style is great, engaging and easy to follow. It has a fast rhythm without going too quick. The characters are amazing with awesome dialogues and actions that made them look mature and real. It also has great scenarios and powerful sexy scenes.

And the bad guys... well, they are pretty evil. Also, they are a great addition to the story and made it more interesting.

This is a must for all the paranormal romance lovers out there.

BTW, being an adult story so it has sexual content and a lot of violence.

I can't wait for book two.

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    Anyway! OMG, Dawn of a Dark Knight sounds SOOOO good! I definitely will be entering this giveaway! I think our brains must be linked because I literally just posted a review/giveaway for a paranormal romance I read called The Other Half by Elaina M. Roberts. And our reviews are somewhat similar. The male lead in The Other Half is totally alpha. The author introduces tons of different characters and the story definitely had an original feel to it. I guess we were both in the mood for some paranormal lovin'!

    AWESOME review as always! Feel free to stop by and enter the giveaway for The Other Half if it is something you are interested in. It's an international giveaway :)

    Love ya!

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