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Blog Tour: Remember Dippy - Review

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Remember Dipy is a book writen by Shirley Reva Vernick. 
I have to thank the author and Books Complete me for the copy.

Remember Dippy by Shirley Reva Vernick
Published Date: May 2013
Publisher: Cinco Puntos Press
Genre: YA

The Story: Johnny's plans fly out the window when he finds out his single mother is leaving town for the summer. She has a breakthough job in upstate New York. He can live with his Aunt Collette but only on the condition that he "help out with" his autistic older cousin, Remember. Yup, you heard it right: Remember Dippy. That's his cousin's name—and Remember is a gawky awkward kid with some pretty strange habits, like repeating back almost everything Johnny says and spending hours glued to the weather channel. Johnny's premonitions of disaster appear at first to come to cringeworthy fruition, but when the two boys save a bully from drowning, salvage the pizzeria guy's romance, and share girl troubles, Johnny ends up having the summer of his life.

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About the Author:
Shirley Reva Vernick's debut novel The Blood Lie was named on the 2012 Best Fiction for Young Adults list from the American Library Association. It also received the Simon Wiesenthal Once Upon a World Children's Award and Sydney Taylor Honor Book Award. Shirley lives with her husband, two daughters, and two frisky dogs in western Massachusetts. 

In addition to running a popular storytelling website——Shirley has written for Cosmopolitan, Good Housekeeping, Ladies' Home Journal, national newspapers, and the publications of Harvard, Johns Hopkins, and Boston universities.

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My rating: 4 of 5 stars (Actually it would be 3.5/5)

Johnny is a fourteen-year-old boy who has to spend his summer taking care of his cousin Remember, a sixteen-year-old autistic boy who will teach him about friendship and seeing the world with different eyes.

This book is a fast read, with simple language story with two nice and likeable boys and good adventures.

Remember (yes, that’s his name) or Mem to friends, is just an incredible character. Not only is well built but his whole personality is awesome, one of the good things about him is that his condition of autistic person is not the main focus of the book. There are some passages that describe attitudes and behavior which are a clear evidence of him being autistic but there’s never a complete diagnosis, he is just a special kid.

Johnny at first seems like a selfish or self-center kid but you have to remember that here is a teenage boy who will stay all summer vacation at his aunt’s house, babysitting his older cousin. He is bit obnoxious at times but then again he is just a boy who wants to have fun. Luckily, he discovers a great friend a companion in Remember. I’m glad how things work out for them and how good and tolerant Johnny is with the different sides of Mem’s personality.

The story in general is entertaining and engaging, specially the dynamic between the two boys it what makes it interesting.

The rest of the secondary characters are ok, I like Johnny’s friends they are great kids and his aunt is a lovely lady. There is one character I didn’t like at all is Jo. Johnny is like in love with her but I don’t know why she ends up being a really annoying.

Overall, a nice YA with nice characters and a good plot.

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  1. Great review Ruty, this sounds like a book I'd really enjoy so thanks for introducing me to a new author and book! :)
    - Kimberly @ Turning the Pages


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