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Rape Girl - Review

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If you are looking for an emotional ride and a true story, you should read Rape Girl. A story based on the author true experience. I have to thank the publisher and NETGALLEY for the copy of this book.
Rape Girl
by Alina Klein 

"Hey, look. It’s that girl. That rape girl, right?"
Valerie always wanted to be the smart girl. The pretty girl. The popular girl. 
But not the rape girl.
That’s who she is now. Rape Girl. Because everyone seems to think they know the truth about what happened with Adam that day, and they don’t think Valerie’s telling it.
Before, she had a best friend, a crush, and a close-knit family. After, she has a court case, a support group, and a house full of strangers.
The real truth is, nothing will ever be the same.
RAPE GIRL is the compelling story of a survivor who does the right thing and suffers for it. It is also the story of a young woman’s struggle to find the strength in herself to fight back.





My rating: 4 of 5 stars

Is hard to rate Rape Girl, not only because it’s a book that touches a hard subject but also since the author tells the story with a total honesty that it’s impossible not to like the story.

Rape Girl is the story of Valerie a sixteen-year-old girl who is raped by a young boy from her school. Since the moment she decides to report the attack her life will not be the same. Most kids at her school think she is lying, her best friend abandons her and the case against Adam is falling to pieces.

This is a really short book for an intense reading with a fast rhythm. It’s true that it may seem too short but when you have a story so powerful and a strong character you don’t need hundreds and hundreds of pages to build a believable world.

To say that the story really catches you from the first is little. Valerie’s story is totally inspiring and overwhelming at the same time. While we read about how she deals and faces the consequences of her attack and the afterwards, we experience devastating feelings.

The author brings to life through her words a wonderful girl named Valerie, it doesn’t matter who she was before because what is important here is who she will become after a life changing experience. The point here is how strong she has to be and how the support from your family can help you through the darkest hours.

This book shows us that blaming yourself and pity yourself is part of the healing process but at the same time it screams at your face that you have to find the courage to move on, that sitting there feeling sorry for yourself won’t change the past.

Alina Klein bares her soul and gives hope to every girl or boy who has to live an experience like this. It makes us wonder what we would do if we ever have to be witnesses a case of raping. An excellent and human book that everybody should read.


  1. Wow. Great review. This is definitely a hard topic for an author to write about. I'm glad you felt it was an honest and open portrayal. I can't imagine how it would be in a situation where no one believes you about such a life changing event. I will check this out!

  2. This book sounds absolutely compelling. I commend the author for writing the story, which is an important one. I will have to check it out.


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