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Hidden Gates - Review

Hidden Gates is one of my favorites books and D.T. DYLLIN is not only an excellent author but also one of the funniest, sweeter and greatest woman out there.
I adore her and her books.

You should go and check her book and her website now!!!

 Hidden Gates by D.T. Dyllin. 

The first volume of the P.J Stone Gates trilogy, this paranormal story follows the eponymous P.J Stone, a Seer who has never seen that anything is less than fun. 
Not known for her patience, matters are made worse when she must choose a suitable mate to continue the Seer bloodline. 
Duty always comes before her heart, at least that's what her parents taught her. When she finds herself wanting someone who is considered off-limits, P.J. is forced to question everything she believes. And if navigating her love life isn't complicated enough, she finally receives a vision of a threat to her world that only she can perceive.
But no one will believe a fledgling Seer's warnings. 
With nowhere else to turn, she has to decide whether or not to trust a stranger with her life, her world, and maybe even her heart.




My rating: 5 of 5 stars

Hidden Gates is a sexy-full of romance- paranormal story of a fantastic character named PJ. A world where Seers, Guardians, Gatekeepers and Dragons are real is the perfect scenario for one of the most amazing stories.

Her main concerns were the same as any other girl, boys and love, but after her birthday things will change. Finally she is coming into her powers but the visions she is having are not good at all. And from night to morning, three sexy and electrifying boys-men are drawn to her. A crazy party that involves a hard and dangerous incident will be the turning point.

Secrets will be put out in the open and P.J's life will not be the same. A story that moves with a fast rhythm, page after page a new twist appears. Every conflict brings more tension and more adrenaline to the book. A story that never loses its strength and only keeps getting better and better.

The boys—men in the story are Bryn, Khol and Jeremy. Bryn has been P.J best friend forever, the person that knows her best, who was always there for her and her future Guardian. But what happens when the limits are blurring, when being a friend is not enough? Well, things get messy and feelings are tested. Khol is HOT to say the least. He is a man willing to do anything for P.J, with a believable and likeable personality. He brings the maturity and knowledge that the story needs and also helps the tension around the fight for P.J attention. And then we have Jeremy, he and Jenna carry the young and fun element.

Hidden Gates is a very intense and sexy story, with some hot and powerful scenes. Passionate and exciting moments that will blow your mind, moments that might seem shocking or extreme but they made the story even better. There are actions that only make sense in this story, if you try to compare them with real life they may seem like strange behavior but in this world are understandable and perfect.

I loved the story even before reading Hidden Gates because I was already a fan of P.J and also of D.T. Dyllin work. I read the previous edition and have to say that the little changes and the new cover made the story even better.

A book that all paranormal lovers should and must read. It’s true that its sexiness and intensity make it a new adult story that might not be suitable for younger readers.


  1. I loved this book! D.T. is a brilliant writer. The sequel is even more amazing!

    Bieke @ Bookaddict Bieke

  2. The blur of the colors on the cover is beautiful
    Loved it
    GREAT review, dear
    Your reader,

  3. I have been dying to read this book since I've heard about it but haven't seen many reviews on it. Great review and makes me want to read this book all the more.

    Thank you for stopping by my blog and for commenting! 8)

    Reese's @ Reese's Reviews MA2F


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