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Wolf Sirens - Interview with Tina Smith

Hello and welcome to day 3 of Wolf Sirens Blog Tour.
Now it's time for a fun interview with the author Tina Smith.

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Q: What inspired you to write Wolf Sirens?
Tina: I love paranormal because it has a harder edge than straight fantasy. In high school I read a werewolf book and I thought I like that! But it needed more, and then twilight came out and blew my mind.  So I channeled my imagination and love of fantasy and parts of my life and somehow made this great story full of myth and desire. 

Q: How long did it take you to write each book? 
Tina: At least three years for the first book, it took two years to write a rough draft of almost both books and then another year to edit the first and fill in details and cut unnecessary stuff. By then I got a lot quicker and edited and filled out book two Fever much more quickly and while I edited that I wrote bits of WS3. 

Q: Why did you decided to self-publish your books?
Tina: It was easier, or so I thought. I was inexperienced and while I was organizing and researching publishing Indie style and traditional and getting rejected by agents I heard about the success of Shades of Grey and I was like that’s it I am self publishing! Then I learnt about Amanda Hocking after I had published. 

Q: How was it that you came to include mythology in your books? 
Tina: I’m not sure really, hard work? Most of the legend I filled out after the book was roughly drafted. I had been listening to stories about Artemis and I researched her because I thought she was really cool. 

 How was the process of creating each character? Are any of them based on real people? 
Tina: Lila is pretty much a younger more together less intense version of me, with less quirks. Sky is based on an old boyfriend and Cres on an old friend of mine. But don’t tell them that!

Q: Lila has a secret past and not much is told about it. Are you planning to reveal more of her past or do you think that what was said is enough? 
Tina: I think we have heard enough about her past. That would be a different edgier tale without werewolves or anything out of mundane normality. Just a young chick with a bad attitude having fights at school and acting out because her home life is unstable. Throw in a crush, a bad ass older brother and some illegal substances and you’d have the story – in fact it doesn’t sound too bad...

Q: How was it to deal with all the feelings and emotions present in the books? Because some of them are really strong. 
Tina: Easy in a way because like I said I am fairly intense myself – so I just had to dip into the well. I’m a Piscean and I have been through a lot of torment – most self inflicted. 

Q: Lila has a transformation, between book one and book two, she becomes this darker version of herself. How was it to write about that? 
Tina: Great. I loved it, she became my evil doppleganger. She was easier to write for I guess, because I could relate to her more in Fever. It’s like as you get older the more you shut down. The less emotional she was, the simpler she was to write for. And she gets darker as you might imagine because she has to harden up to deal with being a huntress in a dog eat dog world. She gets progressively angrier. But don’t worry I am going somewhere with it all. 

Q: Wolf Sirens Fever has a darker tone than the first one. Was it something you search for or it just happened? 
Tina: It was organic, and deliberate. It’s was all part of her metamorphosis into the huntress. I love seeing how she is going to become a hardened war machine – but the twist is she has feelings and she might be able to cover them but she is still human and vulnerable and in love. I think maybe she will learn it’s okay to be that way because love is more powerful than anything. 

Q: What can we expect from the third book? 
Tina: Aha! Lots. I plan on doing six. So we will be mid way in the story line. I am introducing more characters – wolves primarily. The baddies (the Cult pack) have to be taken out. We learn about them. In all, the story leads Lila into a situation (no spoilers). She is reunited with someone (no clues here). Some heads will roll, some will die some will live and there is a surprise, but that will be blown out of the water by WS4. 
Quick test: 
  • Would you like to be a werewolf? Yes, I think it would be liberating and fun.  
  • Would you like to meet a werewolf? No, not unless he is super hot. 
  • Favorite male character? Sky, he’s hot and brooding and so in love with Lila.  
  • Favorite feminine character? Cres, she is fierce. 
  • If you were The Hunter, who would you kill first? Sam, I would blow her brains out. :) Then Narine, she causes some big problems further down the line.

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