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Souled Out - Review

Souled Out 
by Blakely  Chorpenning

Ell Clyne is lost living someone else’s life. But reading souls to save the fate of a loved one seemed like a fair trade. At first.

The lie has cost Ell her family, her future, her very soul. Now the secret is out and the vampires want answers. Becoming a pawn in her own conspiracy and being abducted more times than a psychiatrist might recommend, Ell just wants to stay alive and reclaim her life without burning something down. Oops, something else.

This is the story of a girl who isn’t a superhero or a badass, but manages to fight for her place in a cold-blooded world regardless of the pain caused by that empty space where her soul should be.



My rating: 4 of 5 stars

Eternal life, a great account in the bank, an unusual job and hang out with the vampires. These could sound like a dream but for Ell is a reality. Ell is the Cypher. Ok… so what does that mean? Ell reads people souls and doing so, she can see their past, their futures and basically her whole essence. If the person fits the vampires expectations, he or she becomes a new member, if not… they are free to go. Ell works for the vampires more exactly for The Members (kind of like the leaders). Her job should be easy… but it’s not, because Ell has a secret… a deadly secret.

Ell has been the Cypher for the last four years and the pain that soul reading is causing her is every time worse. Being soulless is not easy and this is because in order to read souls she doesn’t have one (her soul was removed from her body in a ceremony). I really like her for several reasons, one of them is her age, I totally love this New Adult category, it’s easy to relate with people in their twenties (especially because I’m on my 20s) and she has a strong personality but also a really vulnerable side. She feels real and loveable.

Her partner is Gabriel, a sexy, irritable vampire who calls her: Peaches just to make her mad. They have an intense relationship, arguing and fighting one moment but being sweet to each other the next. As the story moves, they take their relationship to the next level (no, is not the classical book where the human falls in love with the vampire, mainly because she is not a simple human). He will be her ally, her confident and the person that will help her in her darkest hour.

The book moves really fast and I mean FAST. After meeting her and having a look to the big picture, Ell is suddenly threatened by an unexpected enemy. This will lead to intense chapters and to a new side of Ell. We discover her past and also we see her fight for her future. In resume, her life is thrown away and we see her defending her position as the Cypher, in a fire, trying to kill someone, running from the evilest creatures, rescuing her friend and trying to stay in one piece.

The story is a roller coaster of action with great dialogues, some which are really funny and the majority sounded real. The characters are amazing, not only Ell and Gabriel but also Seth, from who be need to see more because is an interesting character and very little is said about him. However, the whole triangle may seem a little too obvious (at least both men are vampires).

The writing is very good and creates a smooth rhythm for the story. The book has a great ending that will leave you waiting for the next installment because there are some unsolved businesses. Anyway, if you love vampires you should read this book.

*** I received an ecopy from the author in exchange of an honest review. ***

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  1. Hey, Ruty! I'm finally back! I just posted a new book review on my blog and it feels soooo good to finally get back into reviewing again. I've missed it as well as networking with my fellow bloggers, especially you!

    So how have you been? Souled Out sounds like a great book! You're reviews are getting better and better. I'll definitely be adding Souled Out to my wish list on

    Anyway, I still have some work to do on updating my blog. And since I have missed so many of your reviews, I will have to set some time aside to check out new stuff on your blog!

    Thanks for keeping in touch with me all this time. It really means a lot!

    xoxo Mia @ The Muses Circle


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