Tuesday, February 26, 2013

One Pink Line - Review

It only took me 4 hours to read this book. I couldn't put it down, every word slipped me more and more into the story and the hours flew by. It was a fantastic way to end the week and now I have a new favorite book.  
Every now and then a book show up and somehow makes you stay up after your bedtime and after finish it, you are left with the feeling that you are not the same and a smile is set on your face. One Pink Line did that for me.... I ABSOLUTELY LOVED IT.

I have to thank Dina Silver for sending me a copy of her book and and also to Netgalley.

One Pink Line
Dina Silver

Can the love of a lifetime be forever changed by one pink line?
This unique, contemporary story gives readers a dual perspective. Sydney Shephard, a sweet-tempered, strong-natured college senior is young, in love with an exceptional man, and unexpectedly pregnant. Faced with a child she never planned for, she is forced to relay this news to her neurotic mother, relinquish her youth, and risk losing the love of her life. Then there's Grace, a daughter, who believed she was a product of this great love, grows to realize her existence is not what she assumed, and is left with profound and puzzling questions about who she really is.
Spanning generations and every imaginable emotion, One Pink Line reveals how two points of view can be dramatically at odds, and perhaps ultimately reconciled. Simultaneously deeply felt and lighthearted, One Pink Line deftly mines how the choices we make are able to alter so many lives, and how doing the right thing and living honestly can bring unexpected, hard-won happiness. It's a must-read for anyone who craves a great love story, absorbing characters, and plenty of laughs along the way.




My rating: 5 of 5 stars

One Pink Line is the story of Sydney and the choices she made on the first years of her adulthood. We meet her right after her graduation from high school. She falls in love with Ethan, this sweet perfect guy and their romance begins. After spending a fantastic summer together they embark to different colleges. Being apart will be a challenge and during four years they will manage to keep the romance going on. Things take a rough path when Sydney ends up pregnant. A simple pink line will change their lives (I don’t want to spoil anything so I’ll stop here).

This book is one of those stories that will make you cry, laugh and sometimes do both things at once. A story about love, life changing decisions, forgiveness, friendship, family and above all about how we decide to confront the rocks that life throws on our way.

Sydney is this girl in her twenties, fun, outspoken, who likes to party but is also a great friend and a good student. A character that is far from being a flawless person, with high and lows, she turns out to be more human and real that you would have imagined.

Ethan is a sweet guy, almost perfect at times who loves Sydney more than anything. It’s true that he is a character without a profound personality, his description and actions only lets us see what meets the eye but the story is not about him. His actions and dialogues allow picturing him enough to complete the story and it’s difficult not to love him.

Grace deserves to be mentioned. Her dilemma and the curiosity about her conception are natural and sometimes are the engine that moves the reader to keep going through pages, because as she you want to know more. There are other characters which should be named like Sydney’s family, her mother and sister, her friends and others; each one is great in their role.

With a dual point of view and two different timelines, we navigate between past and present. Is great to have the opportunity to witness the effects of the choices made or the other way around, to have the chance to go back in time to discover why the things are the way they are.

One Pink Line is a book with a written style that makes the reader feel and experience every emotion. A book for the romance lovers and the new adult audience (and others as well).

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