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Ensuing Darkness - review

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It's time for a new review. Ensuing Darkness was written by Alexis Cain and is and intriguing story with a lovely female character.
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The small town of Maxville, Colorado is harboring more secrets than Kota imagined. 
There is a new family in town, one with a cover and dark secrets. They have a mission: Get in, do the job, and get out, but when their youngest get mixed up in a taboo romance, things get nasty. 
Kota finds herself surrounded by everything she never knew existed, and the blame is all on her when she puts her friends and family in danger to discover a truth she was never supposed to see.




My rating: 4 of 5 stars

Ensuing Darkness is the story of Kota, a friendly, outgoing and fun girl who finds herself wrapped in the middle of ancient struggle. When a new family is in town, Kota’s life is shaken and will never be the same. But there’s something off about the Peters family. They are not only a group of professional dancers, there’s a halo of mystery around them.

Kota has a fun group of friends: Sue, Dale and Chase. Dale is also the brother she never had and is always protecting her. In the story a new guy joins them, Louis, a character that should be developed in the next installments.

The Peters family consists of: the twins, Connelly and Ivan, Mira, Alister, Vincent, Aubrey and the parents, Mathias and Amelia. It may seem like a bunch of characters and a lot of names to remember, however, each character is well described and has a defined personality but most important each one has a relevant role in the story. Nothing is left to chance.

The story starts immediately after the characters are presented. At first Kota and Connelly have a difficult relationship and can’t stand each other, but after some comings and goings they start to be friends. One of the strong points of their relationship is the fact that Kota doesn’t go crazy for him, their attraction evolves naturally and seems real.

It takes some time to find out what the mysterious creatures are. The first time they are described I was convinced that I know what they were but my theory was dismissed when they actually revealed themselves. Alexis has a solid argument, well explained and with descriptions that help you picture them.

The book has really strong moments with all the fights and chasing, but there’s a particular moment that leads Kota to discover the Peters true identity, which I liked it a lot. It’s a really strong scene, Kota is in a really hard position and you can feel her fear, her tension and I think it was good to have that scene to see other sides of Kota and to introduce real elements into the story.

There’s so much to tell about the story but I don’t want to spoil anything. Of course there are some small flaws, like some scenes that are described in detail but don’t seem to bring anything new or interesting to the story, and others where you keep waiting for more. There are characters that will definitely be exploited in the sequel.

Overall, Ensuing Darkness is a good and fast read for lovers of YA-paranormal novels with original elements, with fun characters, real dialogues and perfect if you don’t like cheesy romance.

I received a copy from the author in exchange for an honest review.

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