Wednesday, December 12, 2012

The Best Camp Counselor in the World - Review

Short stories are a good way to travel somewhere, to know new characters and learn or remember some lessons. The best about short stories is that they don't take long and you can read them anywhere at any time.

Today I have to thanks Mike for the copy of his short funny story :)

The Best Camp Counselor in the World
by Mike Ronny.

About the book.
It’s summer 1988 and camp counselor Eddie Fleming’s facing rowdy children, a crazed cabinmate and the return of a dangerous, long-lost enemy.
Then there’s Erika, a gorgeous fellow counselor who seems to like him. Eddie’s girlfriend is miles away, after all, and she doesn’t know what goes on at camp, right?


My rating: 3 of 5 stars

The Best Camp Counselor in the World is a short, fun, loving story.

In 1988 Eddie is back as a Counselor in summer camp. His girlfriend does not understand why he keeps returning every year. For him this place has become a part of who he is.

Eddie is a twentyish boy working in his uncle’s shop, with an adorable girlfriend, living a quiet life. At camp he meets Ken and Erika, two other counselors, and with them will form an entertaining trio.

This year camp will not be the same; Eddie will have the opportunity to remember some important lessons about friendship, trust, the value of working with kids and the importance of being a good example for them.

Mike Ronny does a good job portraying the 80s lifestyle, the calm and peace wich used to accompany people's life. Mike creates a sweet and funny character to match a story that has the same level of energy during the whole book.

The book has a few higher moments, especially when the son of his former enemy appears and the whole Erika’s situation, but in general has a smooth rhythm.

In my opinion the first part is much funnier than the second. The last half is more a reminder of some values and messages given through Eddie's actions.

Overall is a good, entertaining book recommendable for adults that like fast and funny reading.

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