Wednesday, November 28, 2012

Tickle Me - Review

Well, it's time for a new review.

This time is the turn of a romance :) We all love a bit of romance now and then.
I want to thank Monica for sending a copy of her book :)

Tickle Me
by Monica Bouvier.

Aphrodite Be Damned!
In this tale of wanton love, decadent seduction, and dangerous liaisons, we meet Alice—a quiet, meek woman who, at 29, has never been touched by a man, let alone experienced the piercing pangs of love’s bittersweet kiss upon the heart. Alice is obsessed with Greek Mythology, and early on, she resigned herself to the fact that Lachesis, the Fate who chooses our lot in life, destined her life to be one without love—that is until Erik, a mysterious admirer, surfaces.
Communicating at first solely online, Erik’s passionate poems and erotic love stories slowly break down Alice’s self-imposed wall of isolation. Throwing caution to the wind, they begin to share the most intimate of emails, awakening Alice’s innermost desires. She finds herself falling in love with Erik and in the possibility that he could be her one true love—her soul mate—despite the fact that they have never met in person.
Has Zeus finally heard her cries and granted Cupid, the offspring of Aphrodite, permission to hurl his arrow of love in Alice’s direction? Or, will she get caught up in love’s unscrupulous web of deception and deceit after the identity of her mysterious lover is revealed? How far will Alice venture to recapture love lost—real or imaginary? How far would you go?

 My rating: 3 of 5 stars

Tickle me has all the ingredients to be one great romance. It is a mix between a solitary woman, her passion for Greek Mythology and a mystery man. A book that keep you in the edge until the last page.

Alice has lived in the shadows, always in the sidelines of life dreaming with finding happiness. A 29-year-old woman living in Alaska with only a cat as her roommate, Alice is the perfect heroin for this story. Her life gives a 180 degrees turn when she starts to get emails from a hot mystery guy.

Erik is the name of this unknown gentleman who appears from nowhere and seems like the perfect man. With his poems, stories and romantic emails, he will drag Alice more and more into unfamiliar territory.

The story has its highs and lows. The base of it is intelligent, credible and quite real. Nowadays it’s really easy to stay in touch with any person around the world. So, a relationship that starts on-line feels real and interesting.

Alice’s evolution is one of the greatest things in the book. See her become a strong woman, confident and embracing her persona makes a good reading. And read the changes in her relationship with the world is a high point because we see a woman who used to be just a number, a name, a colleague, a work partner, transforming into a successful worker. This is really great to read.

However, there we some parts that were slow and some of the choices Alice made were hard to understand. For a woman who never takes chances, she takes the emails very well. And for me it was easy to discover Erik’s true identity. There are some keys during the book that lead you to the answer.

Another character that made the difference was Patty, the crazy best friend that helps Alice in this new world. She has a personality that is annoying at times but you like her anyway.

The ending was a good thing. It was not what I expected (specially the epilogue). Patty's “secret” left me speechless and the last pages were really breathtaking.

Overall, a good, solid romance with good characters and very well written.

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