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As you know I'm having a special week in honor to THE DAY EIGHT SERIES by Ray Mazza.
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Of Mice and Hitmen (Day Eight #2)
Of Mice and Hitmen (the Day Eight Series Part 2)
Present day: Female assassins. Aussie hitmen. A super-intelligent human. The destruction of US government. And in the middle of it all: Trevor Leighton. 
In Part II, we rejoin Trevor Leighton as he meets Ezra, a super intelligent human being simulating inside a computer program. Ezra's self-improving intellect has paved the way to a wondrous time of incredibly rapid invention known as the "Technological Singularity," and she's effortlessly inventing technology the world has only dreamt of. 
But everything begins to go horribly wrong. There's an attempt on Trevor's life. Then terrorists dismantle the government in the worst attacks since 2001. And something is contaminating Ezra's mind. 
When Trevor realizes it all stems from his company, Day Eight, he knows he's the only one capable of stopping the impending catastrophe. 
Part II of the Day Eight series continues Trevor's thrilling adventure to prevent a disaster far worse than any ever conceived by humanity.



My rating: 4 of 5 stars

If you wanted answers for all the questions that were left behind by part I, now it’s time to get them. Now it is time for you to know the whole truth about Ezra.

Part II of The Day Eight Series is where the action really begins. Trevor sees his life threatened and he will discover the whole plot behind the creation of a super-intelligent simulant. What is more, we read the first glimpses of a world domination plot.

Book two starts right after the end of book one. There is no gap between each book. After a great introduction in book one and getting to know all the people involved, we finally meet Ezra.

Ezra is described as “a super intelligent human being simulating inside a computer program”. It’s really difficult to imagine her as just a simulation. Her personality seems too real and really makes you wonder what makes us different from AI (artificial intelligence). If simulants besides being rational beings are also capable of having feelings, what makes us human? How can we claim to be the smartest specie?

We finally see a new side of Trevor. When someone is pushed into the edge the most incredible things can happen. And when he faces a death threat, he will end up making alliances with some unexpected people.

Book two has the written quality of part one, but it faster. Now that the cards are on the table is matter of time for the “bigger picture” goes public. Part II is the longest of the three parts but is the one you read in just hours. The things we discover here are the key to book 3.

Another excellent written book with a solid background (technology, politics, secret projects, and all the people involved). And… a great finale that will make you pick up part III ASAP.

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