Tuesday, October 23, 2012

The Unconventional Life of Jenna Jaghe - Review

I recieved a copy of this one from the author!

by Victoria Ward.

A laugh out loud diary about a woman who defines mishaps! Jenna Jaghe will have you cringing in your skin, whilst laughing your pants off at the same time!  Women everywhere will be able to relate to the often awkward and embarrassing antics of Jenna, her friends and her crazy mother and granny.

Jenna finds herself pregnant, alone and dumped at age 32 but hey at least she has her friends and mother to keep her on the sane path, yeah right! Jenna has to regain her dignity after the humiliation of an affair and find her fight and strength to come to terms with the fact that she will be raising her baby alone, something which she had never planned and she has to do all this whilst keeping her wedding shop business afloat and convincing her mother not to set up desperate dating profiles on the internet on her behalf!

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My rating: 4 of 5 stars

Jenna is a woman in her thirties who just has found out that she is pregnant and that her boyfriend is cheating on her. If you think nothing else could go wrong well let me say that is just the beginning. A hilarious book that will introduce you into the mind of a peculiar woman.
Written like a journal, the book tells the nine month of pregnancy of Jenna (well, actually less because she found out that she was expecting in her 18th week). It has a rough start because it seems only a list of event or thoughts that help to set you in the time and place.

Luckily when she discovers that is expecting a child and dumps her boyfriend, the fun begings. Of course, if you are not too fond of English humor you may not like it that much. But I love the irony, the black humor and the laugh of the bad sides of life.

Jenna is a curious character; you don’t know if you like her, hate her or just feel sorry for her. There are situations when I was wondering if she was for real or how can anybody act like this. But I ended up loving her and eager to see how thing would work out. However, there were times where I wonder if she was really 32 because her character has really childish attitudes, but let’s blame the pregnancy.

Sarah has serious issues. I mean… I know that a bad childhood can leave big sequels but she is really damaged. And Jenna’s mother is one of the most hideous persons in the world. The worst part is that she feels real, you can picture her and I know that there is people out there just like her.
This is a fun, fast and original book. If you enjoy sarcasm, irony, and a different story you may want to give this book a chance.

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