Wednesday, October 31, 2012

Penthouse Man - Review

by Kea Noli.

Controversial Novella.

A socialite lives in a world of fantasy as she controls her husband—the Penthouse Man—and her sister.
Stephanie loves the world of fantasy. Trix loves the real world.
The sisters battle for control of a lingerie company, for pajamas and lingerie . . . and for the Penthouse Man. Reality catches up when Trix reads a letter that destroys Stephanie's power. Trix loves her sister's husband—the Penthouse Man.
He is nowhere to be seen but his presence is felt everywhere.

Controversy: A sister is in love with her sister’s husband.

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My rating: 4 of 5 stars

Penthouse Man is a fast and entertaining drama that you will read in a sit. This book is intriguing from the start, has some turns that surprise you and also has great characters.

Stephanie and Trixie (also known as Trix) are two sisters that work for the same company. Something peculiar is that Stephanie’s husband is the Company’s director. Despite that because of the book description it may seem that the main topic is that Trix is in love with her sister’s husband but the most important things are the characters personalities and the tension between them. And also to find out why they are doing what they are doing :)

Trix is one of those characters that you have to read more than one page to really get to know her and one that evolves as the book moves on. By the way she acts around others and her dialogues you ended up feeling her as a real person and maybe understanding some of her choices.

Stephanie…. Well, she is more than a spoiled rich woman. She is a bit selfish and one of those who only care about image and what people think of her (at least for me).

The husband, Vell, is named along the book and finally appears at the end of the book. He is relevant to the story but his actions are not the main attraction.

The other characters are: the cousins, the mother and a couple detectives. They all are great additions and have some funny dialogues.
What I love the most was that it has a lot of dialogues. It almost seem like you were seeing a play or watching a movie. Dialogues are a great way of getting to know the motivation behind the characters actions. I think that otherwise, it would have been difficult to really understand them at all.


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