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Lawyers in Hell - New Review

Today I bring the review of an antology.
This one was really fun to read, specially because it has 22 tales which means 22 different stories :). There were some stories more funnier than others, some scarier and some with meaningful messages. I love that many of them had as main characters historical characters like Napoleon, Guy Fawkes or Cleopatra.


created by JANET MORRIS


Heaven lays down the law and Hell gets more Hellish in Lawyers in Hell, marking the return of Heroes in Hell, the greatest shared universe of all times.
The Commandments weren't merely suggestions - and there were over three hundred of them. And now, as the Higher Powers send auditors through the underworlds to dispense yet greater injustice, heroes and villains from all of history are about to be reminded that sin doesn't pay ... and in Hell, neither does virtue.All this and more peril in Perdition await in 22 tales that will make you fear for your immortal soul....

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My rating: 4 of 5 stars

Lawyers in Hell, is the sum of 22 stories with a common theme. It would be long to review each one so that’s why I’ll try to review the whole book at once and also make some notes about my favorites stories.

They all have in common more than Hell as setting, they are about laws and learning some lesson that people failed to learn during their Earth life. They have some main characters well-known by all of us, such as Napoleon, Cleopatra, Leonidas, Guy Fawkes and Marie Antoinette among others.

Starting with an interview with Satan itself, the stories go from the different levels in Hell, the neighborhoods in it, the new deads and the Lawyers with their Hall of Injustice.

There is this believe that Lawyers are the workers of the devil, I don’t know why, but this book serves from this and creates a whole universe with amazing characters and malefic creatures.
An amount of excellent written stories that entertain you, scare you and leave you wanting for more.

They all are amazing and each one would deserve a review for it, but you have to trust me in that this one is a great anthology with some quality writters.

And now… my top 5.
1 - Revolutionary Justice by Leo Champion.
OMG! This one is Amazing, with Che Guevara as the main character is a really funny story, which made me see a whole new side of the revolutionary man. Is one of the funniest of all.

2 - Tale of a Tail by Nancy Asire.
With the Duke of Wellington, Napoleon and his lover, we get to know the life of Hell residents and how it can reduce to who is living in your neighborhood.

3 - And Injustice For All by Jason Cordova.
Marie Antoniette and the talking heads where an excellent story. Jason Cordova is a great story teller.

4 - Check and Mate by Bradley H. Sinor
Try to cheat in Hell is as forbidden as in Earth, at least in chess games, with John Adams defending Aleister Crowley we have a great story.

5 - Orientation Day by Sarah Hulcy
With Demetrius the former librarian of Alexandria, we get to know the first day of the newest members of Hell.

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