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Red leaves and the living Token - Review

Happy Sunday! This is a quick post because Spring is almost here and I'm enjoy a lovely sunny day :)
So here's a new review.
Benjamin Burrell contacted me a month ago and something really interesting about him is that he lived in Uruguay :) Can you believe it??? It's amazing.... He knows where I live and has very good memories of my country.

Red Leaves and the Living Token by Benjamin Burrell.


My rating: 3 of 5 stars

Red Leaves and The Living Token it may be just another fantasy book but it has some things on its favor. A story about a father and his dying son on the quest for find a miracle cure.

After a hard start where I didn’t feel very related to the story and I didn’t understand where everything was going, things changed for the better. Once the magic and the fantasy were involved the true action began.

A book faithful to the fantasy genre, Red Leaves creates a world where this three kinds of beings live and where magic is possible.

Ben has a beautiful writing skill, describing the surroundings and the character’s feelings in a lovely way. Even there wasn’t a particular description on each one you can get to know their motivations and beliefs as the story moves on.

My favorite part was the behavior of the Red Leaves the idea that not everybody can see them, for me it was like only the kind hearts have the chance to see them.

Raj is an interesting character, a father willing to do everything for his son. A person that has to accept that sometimes magic is real and to trust his son in order to help him with his burden.

The book ends with a great hook and leaves you waiting for the sequel. In my opinion the series has potential to be amazing.
A recommendable book for all the fantasy lovers.

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  1. Hey Ruty!

    Sorry, I didn't get a chance to reply back to the comment you left on my last week's Picks of the Week post! You are right, September is going to be a busy month! I am still trying to get caught up on so many tv shows! And Sons of Anarchy is one of my favorite tv shows of all time! Jax is soooo dreamy! *swoons*

    I definitely want to read Every Day but you may get to it before me. Definitely let me know what you think if you end up reading it before me!

    Red Leaves sounds like an interesting book! I will be adding it to my TBR pile. It reminds me of a few other books, but I can't put my finger on the exact titles. But as always, great review and thanks for the recommendation!

    I just posted a movie review for Lawless on my blog. Feel free to check it out when you get time!

    Mia @ The Muses Circle


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