Saturday, September 15, 2012

Guest post: Dream cast by Ray

Today I have the pleasure of my very first guest post. This time, one of the authors of Voluspa: A magical World,  Ray East, has chosen her dream cast.

You can see my review for the book: HERE.


"If my book were to made into a movie, this is the cast of actors I would like to play the parts of Amy and her friends."
Ray East

Amy is the main protagonist of the novel, Voluspa – A Magical World. She is a fifteen year old teenager who has had a rough start in life. She is a remarkable girl, with a core of steel. She faces whatever life throws at her with courage and spirit. She is no paragon of virtue; like every human being she has her foibles. The admirable part is, she does not let her own shortcomings, difficult circumstances or even evil adversaries defeat her without putting up a fight. At the same time the character of Amy is very real and believable.  She is the girl next door. She is very easy to relate to, suffers from the usual teenage girl angsts but at the same time is a very spirited young woman. She is someone who is brave and loyal, vulnerable but strong, someone who inspires epic love.
Emma Roberts would be a charming ‘Amy’
Drake is the hero of this novel. He is the kind of boyfriend any girl would wish for. He can be a fierce protector one minute, a romantic companion the other. As a friend he is exemplary, he would go to great lengths to protect the people he cared for. He is responsible, intelligent and honorable. What makes him absolutely irresistible is that he has just the right amount of ‘bad boy’ in him. He is a skilled warrior and morphs into a gigantic dog.   Landon Liboiron would be perfect for this role.
Helen – She is the closest thing to a mother that Amy has. Helen enters Amy’s life when her step father dies and acting as a friend of the family, escorts Amy to Savannah to live with her grandma. Once Amy arrives in Voluspa, she acts as her adoptive mother and gives Amy a home. She comes across as a warm, caring person who has strong ties to Amy and her family. She is fiercely protective of Amy and yet one gets the feeling that Helen is a woman with many secrets.
Marisa Tomei would be perfect for this role.
Jacek – He is Drake’s best friend and Amy’s half-brother. He, like Amy had a difficult childhood. He was abandoned when he was a baby and spent the first few years of his life in an orphanage. At the age of six he ran away from the orphanage and took shelter in the Forest of Skotos, with the Morphus tribe. He and Drake practically grew up together. When he morphs he takes the form of a giant Anaconda. He is portrayed as a brave and loyal friend. He is a man of few words, more of a loner. He and Amy share a strange empathy from the very beginning. Steven Strait would be suitable for this role.
Sonja – She fancies herself in love with Drake. To begin with she is not too pleased to have Amy join the group of friends. Initially, she considers Amy as her rival and tries hard to keep Amy and Drake apart. Over the course of the novel, she realizes that her she just has a crush on drake but it is Jacek that she really cares about. This self-realization goes a long way in healing the rift between her and Amy and the two gradually become friends. She morphs into a huge Eagle and is a fierce warrior.
Megan Fox would work in this role very well.


Lord Vali- He is the symbol for everything evil and is the main villain in the story. He is a monster with dozens of minions at his disposal. He is such a badass that. …Well we don’t want to give it all away!
Ron Perlman would be the ideal fit for Lord Vali.

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