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THE SHEOL - New review

THE SHEOL (The Wanderer Trilogy #1) by Mia Hoddell    

From Goodreads:

Being a trained killer, Kala can handle most things the world throws at her. However, when she murders her fiance, Kala's life is thrown into chaos. Forced to leave everything behind, she runs from city to city, in fear of her psychotic boss who is seeking her death. If that wasn't enough, she also has to cope with the re-appearance of her dead fiance who is struggling to keep a hold on his sanity as he strives for revenge.


My rating: 3 of 5 stars

The Sheol is an interesting story that presents some original characters and quite a different plot. With some highs and lows is a fast read that may be interesting for paranormal lovers.

Kala has lived her life being a killer for a company that has raised her after being abandoned by her parents. After being in conflict between whom she is and what does for living, we found her trying to escape her past. (At first I wasn't sure about her age but luckily that fact was clarified at some point of the story).

The story moves really fast because is a really short book and it’s full of action. There’s a lot of blood, shooting and dead involved. It’s a good piece of action and I could almost picture it like a movie.

Kala is a different character, a really interesting type of girl and I love the fact that she stayed true to herself almost for the entire book. She is a kick-ass and it’s not afraid of doing what it takes to stay alive.

A couple things I didn’t like: the fact that the relationship between Kala and Chris is not really developed. I would like to know more about their previous time together and get to know how they met each other. Maybe in the next book we found out more. And some of Kala’s attitudes were annoying. I don’t want to spoil nothing but I expected a different reaction of her when she found out certain things.

The paranormal part of the story is simple and easy to understand and I hope to know more about it in the next books. Is something worth expecting for the next of the trilogy.

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  1. A hired killer killing their lover could be highly intense, but not without a strong relationship between the two.

    I don't see how this could be a trilogy.

  2. @Emaginette, You shouldn't knock something until you try it. I've read both books in the trilogy and loved 'em both! There are more factors than just bein a 'hired killer' and to me the book was intense, just not in a romantic way (and if you read it youd know why it isn't possible). there is a relationship between the two and are constantly together but because of what happened both sides are struggling, hence its a dark paranormal romance. anyway great review Ruty, im eagerly awaiting the 3rd instalment!


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