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  by  Pat Anderson.

From Goodreads:
Pete Patterson's school has got rid of all the bullies. Or has it? There is a new kind of bully around. Only Pete's newly-found super powers, which come from a toy soldier's helmet, make him brave enough to stand up to them. But is the problem bigger than everyone thought?

My review:

My rating: 5 of 5 stars

You don’t need more than 10.000 words to send a great message. And Mighty Pete and The School Bully School is the perfect example of that.

I would recommend this book to kids and also for people of all ages, because it has an important lesson. And more important is easy to understand and very funny.

Here we got Pete a nine-year-old who has been bullied by a classmate and his gang. Bullying is a topic we all know and some have to deal with. Is really important to take the lessons that this book have and spread the voice.

After her mother finds a helmet which her aunt gave to him everything changes. In a few chapters we see Pete become a superhero. Something every child dreams once in a while.

This book shows us that we all have the power in us to change our situation; we only have to find the strength inside us and ask for help. It’s alright to ask for help and it shouldn’t ashamed us.

Pete finds that he can beat anybody because he has all the powers he needs and he can help others by speaking out. Bullies have to be reported.

As a future teacher is important for me to read this kind of books. And no matter if you are also a teacher, a mother, a father, an aunt, an uncle, a brother or sister, or a friend, you have to be attent for any signs of bullying.

I loved this book is funny, short, cleaver, and very enjoyable.


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  1. Ruti,

    Thank you very much for your positive review. I hadn't really intended any message as such in the book but, now that you point it out, I can see it is there! It just shows how people get different things out of reading, even discovering things the writer wasn't even aware of!


Thanks for your comment!!!

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