Monday, August 27, 2012

Counterfeit Love - Review

It's time for a new review. I won this one a few months in a giveaway but I don't know why I hadn't read it yet!
But last Friday I was really bored at my Sociology class and I only had this book on my reader (on my phone) so I decided to give it a try. It only took me two days to read it. Not only becuase is a short book but also because is really funny and entertaining.


From Goodreads:
Ten years ago, in a failed attempt to save his marriage, Jared Blake left his hometown. Now he’s widowed, back in town to raise his young daughter and return to his true calling – teaching. The last thing he needs or wants is his attraction to his student - high school senior, Maggie McCade.

Maggie McCade is in high school hell. To ferret out a computer hacker and further her dream of starting a security firm, 29-year-old Maggie goes undercover as a student. The last thing she needs or wants is to fall in love with her prime suspect – her teacher, Jared Blake.


My rating: 4 of 5 stars

Counterfeit Love is one of those loving, funny and easy to read novels. If you mix a sexy guy and a girl with a hard past, pretending to be someone else you surely will get a great love story.

Maggie is a security investigator searching for a hacker that is making everyone believe that she is a teenage girl. She soon feels attracted to her Math teacher. And who wouldn’t? He is a thirty-two-year-old man, dark haired, sexy, funny and the loving father of a little girl.

They both have things in their past which they would prefer to maintain in the dark. But like always the truth finds a way out. And in the meantime the story keeps moving.

Between getting to know the real Jared, Maggie tries to discover the real guilty and not to get too involve in Jared’s life. However she finds it hard not to love him and he is also constantly fighting whit his feelings. The relationship between them evolves naturally and decisions have to be made.

This book is super-fast and if you enjoy romance as much as I do, you are going to love this book. It flows at the expected rate and the characters confronted everything in a real way. With funny dialogues, and two well-developed characters this books is a must for all the romance lovers.

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