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Justice (Deck of Lies # 1) - Review

A weeks ago I received an email from Jaden, and I'm pretty sure she's the one who compliment my reviews. So when she offered me to read her book I couldn't say no! And I'm so glad I didn't  because Justice is AMAZING!
I'm glad I got the chance to read it and that the two books that completes the series are already out because I'm sure I wouldn't  be able to wait until its releases.

Here's my review....

JUSTICE (Deck of Lies # 1) by JADE VARDEN.

A House of Cards...
When you build an entire life on a foundation of lies, it only takes one truth for the whole thing to come crashing down. I never invited the truth in. I never went searching for it. I never had any reason to suspect that the two people I loved most were dishonest with me every second of every day.
I made one bad decision, and in a single day my entire world changed. If I'm ever going to discover the truth about myself and my parents, I have to trace all the lies back to their source. I have to try to find the truth that they're hiding.
The more I discover about myself, and my past, the more I realize that lies really are better than the truth. But now that I know the lies are all around me, I can't stop until I've discovered them all. I'll pull each lie away, one by one, and examine it to see what's underneath…until this house of cards crumbles into dust at my feet.

I just hope I can survive the crash.


My rating: 5 of 5 stars

What happens when everything you know is a lie? When your life is turned upside down? How can a single choice change EVERYTHING?

I’m a firmly believer that life is the sum of all our choices. And whether the result of those choices is good or bad we have to keep going. This book is the prove that I’m not wrong! Life changes every second, with every word, every actions, every smile, every thought, second by second we face something new.

Rain is this young girl that we know on her first day in a new school. And not any school, an elite school to which she has to adjust. But things don’t go as she expected and her life gives a 180 degree turn.

Everything is turn upside down for her and she has to face a lot of discoveries and secrets and new people in her life. Taking all of her strength to go on and not to crumble, we discovered along her a series of well hidden (at least until now) secrets and lies.

Rain is one of the girls you most can feel relate to, a bit shy, a little awkward at times , true to herself, and in the search of her identity and is in the battle between who she wants to be and what other want her to be that she finds herself.

About the other characters: River, Owen and Tom, are the trio of boys we get to know in the book and I think they made the perfect team with Rain when it was needed. Each one has his moment in the story and brings something new to her life. And Carsyn is the perfect villain in the story, every
good story has one, and she is plays her part perfectly.

Every page leaves you wanting for more and she gives you sneak peek of what’s to come. So from time to time you found a thought such like: “If I knew then…” and you want to skip the pages to see why she says that.

This is an EXCELLENT book -it doesn’t matter if you label it as YA, suspense, thriller, drama, what truly is important is that these is a great book. Well written, with characters very developed, with great backgrounds and with the perfect amount of romance, action and secrets to resolve.

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