Wednesday, May 9, 2012

Teenagers - New Review

Hi guys! So today I finish this book I received as part of R2R in Goodreads.
It was a little tricky at first but then it got better!

Teenagers by Samantha Steele
All her life, Samantha has felt a little awkward, like she belonged somewhere else - certainly not the cold blue mountains of Alaska. Her feelings are confirmed when a Ghost tells her a little story about her past and who she really is: a Sign.

But the Palace is in danger, and its leader must know the story that Samantha has forgotten. The story about Zac and the high school Samantha attended. This is that story; this is the beginning


My rating: 4 of 5 stars

Teenagers just as it title says is about this group of teenagers. Although at first the book presents Samantha and her story as a Sign, when she began to remember this is put to one side. This is the story of everything that happened way before she found out what she is.

At first it was a little hard follow the change of narrator, because we read from every character's point of view (and there are more than six of them). But after you get all the characters and understand who is who, the story becomes really interesting and evolves really fast. This proves that you really HAVE TO GIVE EVERY BOOK A CHANCE, don’t give up in the first pages or you will miss the best part.

The contemporary scene is very good written. Is hard to find a book that really captures the teenager essence, but of course, the author is a young woman and she has inspired in her real life, that is way the dialogues and the plot always feels natural. Everything they do is just real and it is easy to feel like you are hearing a friend telling you something that just occurred to him or her.

This is one of those fast reading books because is a short one and it leaves you wanting for more.
I think is a great strategy to use your own life as inspiration. You can’t be wrong when you write about your true feelings and even though many of the facts are not real (I don’t think the author is really a Sign) Samantha made a really good job capturing the “teenage spirit”. 

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Happy Reading!
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  1. Hey Ruty!

    Teenagers sounds like an interesting read. And that is cool that the author was able to pull off switching narration for more than 6 characters. That's definitely hard to do without losing the reader!

    Oh, and I'm glad you decided to make yourself a schedule for your blog. That is what I have to do, darling. I work 2 jobs and without a schedule, my blog was a hot mess. So what I did was, I printed up a bunch of monthly calenders from the internet, sat down and tried to figure out what days I wanted for what. So Mondays is for "My Picks of the Week", Wednesdays are book reviews, Fridays are for "Cover Art Fridays" or any news/updates I want to share with people, and Saturdays are for movie reviews. Of course if I get an author interview or something else comes up, I alter my schedule. But a schedule definitely helps! I think you will like it!

    Anyway, best wishes as always!

    Mia at The Muses Circle


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